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Someone who displays signs of or potential for ambitious development, advancement, and achievement. That new intern we hired certainly is an up-and-comer, don't you think? I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up running this place someday. He might not have won the championship round, but this amateur is definitely an up-and-comer!

all comers

anyone who chooses to take part in an activity, typically a competition.
1992 Al Gore Earth in the Balance He has traveled to conferences and symposia in every part of the world, argued his case, and patiently taken on all comers.
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n. someone with a bright future. Fred is a real comer. You’ll be hearing a lot about him.
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Comer feels the campaign is a great opportunity for inconsistent Galway to show they can compete regularly with the best.
En este caso, con el fin de evaluar el comer emocional de los participantes, unicamente se presentaron los reactivos del factor de Desinhibicion emocional, que--como se dijo antes--se considera en la literatura como un sinonimo del comer emocional, tras de lo cual se obtuvo el puntaje total de cada individuo en dichos reactivos.
He told me he was in trouble and he was in trouble and he'd been stealing money had been stealing money from Comer Group worth from Comer Group worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Los complejos comerciales ofrecen diferentes alternativas de alimentos y precios que, en teoria, permitirian satisfacer la demanda de todo aquel que quiera comer algo, busque opciones rapidas, de facil acceso, no muy costosas.
Hugh Price, the former president and CEO of the National Urban League and a longtime Comer friend, says it was quite evident in 2006 and 2007 when he co-chaired the Association for Curriculum Development's Commission on the Whole Child that Comer's child development ideas proved as compelling as ever.
Comer characterizes the latter as an example of "menopausal" women "insisting on a female presence in a public space, and, hence, with female power.
Todo: lo dulce y lo amargo del comer y el beber, en este numero 96 de Algarabia.
Groomsmen were Craig Jacomine, Danny Gore, Matt Keith, and Ray Comer, the bride's brother.
Mas importante aun es practicar el control de porciones, pues uno puede comer la comida mas sana del mundo, pero si las porciones no estan correctas se sabotea todo el proposito de comer sano," dijo.
After sending the announcement, TEA officials charged Comer with failing to remain neutral on the science curriculum.
Muller hopes the realignment will encourage retailers to stock all Comers to-gether in one block.
PC Anthony Mulhall, of South Yorkshire Police, was removed from frontline duties after it emerged he hit Toni Comer to subdue her so she could be handcuffed.
PC Anthony Mulhall, of South Yorkshire Police, was removed from frontline duties after it emerged that he hit Toni Comer to subdue her so she could be handcuffed.
Pc Anthony Mulhall, of South Yorkshire Police, said he hit Toni Comer, who was 19 at the time, to subdue her so she could be handcuffed during the incident outside the Niche nightclub in Sheffield last July.