come within

come within (something)

1. To be categorized in a particular way. What classes come within the Liberal Arts discipline at this school?
2. To fall in a certain range. Don't worry, your baby's weight comes within the normal range for her age group.
See also: come, within

come within something

1. to be in the category of something; to be under the domain of someone or something. This comes within the domain of the treasurer. This matter doesn't come within my area of expertise.
2. to be inside a stated range, such as price, time, weight, range, etc. This comes within my price range. I'll take it.
See also: come, within
References in classic literature ?
But at last he had come within sight of the palisade behind which were his fierce companions.
Now for the strength and patience to find sensible traces to fit in with my thinking--and these must come within the circle I have drawn between the two bumps on my forehead!
I had my living trust and my photo albums, and that's all I care about,'' said Joyce Layman, 54, who prepared to leave after watching the fire come within feet of her home.
Without successful transplantation, death could come within a month, usually from the destruction of the blood-cell-forming bone marrow.