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My advice to young gay athletes is not necessarily to come out," says Kopay, who met with a volley of hate when he came out.
Her eventual decision to come out on the cover of this magazine made her an instant gay celebrity.
I believed it was about the ratings because I felt that ABC would have never let Ellen come out to begin with if they had a problem with it.
I think the show reflected the coming-out process, especially when you come out so late in life.
For one thing, more public figures decide to come out on their own nowadays, leading more people to believe that being openly gay does not automatically mean the kiss of death for one's professional life.
Gall Shister, an openly lesbian television columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer since 1982 and a vice president for NLGJA, says that in off-the-record conversations she has encouraged gay celebrities to come out but that she would never cross the line and out them herself.
One would expect such a narrative to address the formidable obstacles, internal and external, the outed character faces--to take as its central theme the courage required to come out in a homophobic world.