come into your/its own

come into one's (or its) own

to become independent; to be recognized as independent and capable, usually after much effort or time. Maria is coming into her own as a concert pianist.
See also: come, own

come into your own

COMMON If someone or something comes into their own, they become very successful or start to perform very well because the circumstances are right. The goalkeeper came into his own with a series of brilliant saves. Take-away dinners come into their own when you're too exhausted to be bothered about cooking.
See also: come, own

come into its (or your) own

become fully effective, used, or recognized.
See also: come, own

come ˌinto your/its ˈown

have the opportunity to show how good or useful you are or something is: When the traffic’s as bad as this, a bicycle really comes into its own.It was only when she became Health Secretary that she came into her own.
See also: come, own

come into (one's) own

1. To get possession of what belongs to one.
2. To obtain rightful recognition or prosperity: a concert pianist who has at last come into his own.
See also: come, own