come home to

come home to someone

Fig. [for a fact] to be recognized suddenly by someone. Suddenly, it came home to me that you thought I was Ronald. The importance of the events of the day finally came home to me.
See also: come, home

come home to someone or something

to arrive home and find someone or something there. (See also come home to someone.) I like to come home to a happy house. I look forward to coming home to you.
See also: come, home
References in classic literature ?
There was so much to do, getting the boxes ready to go tomorrow, that I didn't come home to dinner.
Over and over, we come home to ourselves, finding our own power to grow--grow luminously, boundlessly--from right here and now.
Great news, except for those cruise tickets and the fact that there's no Christmas to come home to.
This is the work I've come home to do," Fattah said.