come/get to grips with somebody/something

come to grips with someone or something

Fig. to begin to deal with someone or something difficult or challenging in a sensible way. We must all come to grips with this tragedy. I cannot come to grips with Ed and his problems.
See also: come, grip

come to grips with

Confront squarely, deal decisively with, as in Her stories help the children come to grips with upsetting events. This term, sometimes put as get to grips with, employs grip in the sense of a "tight hold." [Mid-1900s]
See also: come, grip

get to grips with something


come to grips with something

COMMON If you get to grips with or come to grips with a problem or task, you start to deal with it effectively, usually by making an effort to understand it. The present government has completely failed to get to grips with our economic problems. I must come to grips with this new system.
See also: get, grip, something

come (or get) to grips with

1 engage in physical combat with. 2 begin to deal with or understand.
See also: come, grip

come/get to ˈgrips with somebody/something

begin to understand or to deal properly with a person, problem, subject, etc: The government has yet to get to grips with the problem of crime.I’m trying to come to grips with Polish grammar.

come to grips with

To confront squarely and attempt to deal decisively with: "He had to come to grips with the proposition" (Louis Auchincloss).
See also: come, grip