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cut (one's) comb

To humble someone who is acting arrogant. If he brags about his straight A's one more time, I'm going to remind him how bad his grades were last year. That should cut his comb! I'm really proud of this accomplishment, so stop trying to cut my comb!
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go through (something) with a fine-tooth comb

To scrutinize something; to look at something very carefully. We need to go through these files with a fine-tooth comb to find that missing paperwork. Make sure to go through your thesis with a fine-tooth comb before you hand it in—you don't want your advisors wading through proofreading errors, do you?
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comb (something) for (someone or something)

To look through an area in an attempt to find someone or something in particular. We combed the wreckage for survivors but still haven't found any. I've been combing the house for my glasses—have you seen them?
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comb (something) out of (something)

To remove something, such as debris or knots, from something by combing. My poor daughter cries every time I try to comb the tangles out of her hair.
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comb through (something)

To carefully look through an area or an item in an attempt to find someone or something. We combed through the wreckage but still haven't found any survivors. I combed through my bag in search of my glasses, and they were on my head the whole time!
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comb something for someone or something

Fig. to look all over or all through something for a particular person or thing. The police combed the entire neighborhood for the criminals. I combed the entire house for the missing paper.
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comb something out of something

 and comb something out
to remove substances or knots and snarls from something by combing. I had to comb the gum out of her hair. It took me over an hour to comb out the gum.
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comb through something

Fig. to look through something, examining it thoroughly. I combed through all my belongings, looking for the lost papers. The vet combed through the dog's coat, looking for tick bites.
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go over something with a fine-tooth comb

 and search something with a fine-tooth comb; go through something with a fine-tooth comb
Fig. to search through something very carefully. I can't find my calculus book. I went over the whole place with a fine-tooth comb. I searched this place with a fine-tooth comb and didn't find my ring.
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run a comb through something

to comb one's hair quickly. Run a comb through your hair after you come back in the house. She ran a comb through Timmy's hair, and tried to make him look presentable.
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go over something with a fine-tooth comb

also go through something with a fine-tooth comb
to examine every part of something very carefully My accountant is going over my tax return with a fine-tooth comb.
Usage notes: also used in the form fine-toothed comb
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with a fine-tooth comb

if you examine something with a fine-tooth comb, you examine every part of it very carefully I'd advise you to examine your insurance policy with a fine-tooth comb to make sure you're covered if you take your car abroad.
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fine-tooth comb

A method of searching or investigating in minute detail, as in He examined the figures with a fine-tooth comb but found no errors. The practice of using a comb with close-set teeth to comb out head lice was transferred to various kinds of investigation in the late 1800s.
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com/cgi-bin/prnh/The National Pediculosis Association says that its LiceMeister comb is the first and only lice and nit removal comb to carry the NPA name and has raised the standard for combing tools worldwide.
But regular combing could damage or break the legs of the louse and rid the hair of bugs.
Combing through a child's wet hair may lead to more accurate identification of active head lice infestation than visual inspection, according to a report.
The symbolic meaning of comb-shaped pendants can be related to combing and to hair, to which magic meaning has often been attributed (Luik 1999, 151-152; 2005, 114).
You could argue going out without combing your hair is a bit like not ironing your shirt.
Although one colleague admitted to combing his hair and likened it to straightening out all the "irrationalities and confusions of the day" and said combing one's hair is the one thing that separates man from gorilla.
The curved shape is designed to make combing and detaining the hair easier.
He said: "The Arc gives a more comfortable combing experience.
Well, a type of comb like this Finger Comb, by Vogueti PRO, isn't just for unruly curls; it's a bathroom essential as its ideal for evenly combing through conditioning treatments, or even colour, without using fingers ( or gloves which may have a hole in
In the trial, 57 percent of the children treated by combing were free of lice after 15 days.