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8] Their numbers must be infinite: the ship passed through several bands of them, one of which was about ten yards wide, and, judging from the mud-like colour of the water, at least two and a half miles long.
The colour of the water, as seen at some distance, was like that of a river which has flowed through a red clay district, but under the shade of the vessel's side it was quite as dark as chocolate.
MENO: But if a person were to say that he does not know what colour is, any more than what figure is--what sort of answer would you have given him?
on varieties of insects; on fossil varieties of land-shells in Madeira; on colours of insects on sea-shore; on wingless beetles; on rarity of intermediate varieties; on insular insects; on land-shells of Madeira, naturalised
Birds acquiring fear; annually cross the Atlantic; colour of, on continents; fossil, in caves of Brazil; of Madeira, Bermuda, and Galapagos; song of males; transporting seeds; waders; wingless; with traces of embryonic teeth
It is generally believed that we cannot imagine a shade of colour that we have never seen, or a sound that we have never heard.
The explosion in consumer branding has required specific brand colours to be reproduced on a variety of graphic arts materials, including packaging, labels, business cards, reports, advertising and even web-sites.
With these issues in mind, X-Rite has developed a new colour communication technology that allows defined brand colours to be precisely communicated instantly between parties.
X-Rite, Incorporated (NASDAQ:XRIT), the world colour measurement leader, will introduce core technologies, products and partners in its "Color Tools That Work"-themed DRUPA exhibit, worldwide marketing manager Iain Trevor Pike announced today.
At the forefront of X-Rite's developments is a method for obtaining ICC press profiles without disturbing a press run, and a colour data communication technology for graphic arts applications.
A primary hindrance to colour management applications that call for press profiling is slow print-shop adoption attributed to implementation investment (time, effort and expenditure) that outweighs the under-perceived benefits of the process.