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Three dimensional geometry offers color and depth to translucent and opaque surfaces.
Two reasons why colored wood mulch is so popular, Lyman says, are that the product holds color longer and does not fade.
The color that's produced, Upton explains, depends on how you combine the filters and beams of light.
The true-to-life color images also provide a valuable teaching tool, sparking curiosity in school children and helping older students understand the heavens.
In 1929, a German psychologist studied volunteers' responses to color words printed in contrasting ink colors, but few psychologists elsewhere heard about or could read his untranslated monograph.
Vinyl, EVA, PE, nylon, PVDF, PP, FEP, PBT, acrylic and engineered resin color concentrates for wire and cable, profile extrusion, injection and blow molding available pelletized or diced in any size lot.
Each center offers services based on global platform of capabilities that include color consultation, 3D rapid prototyping, and on-site molding, extrusion, and compounding.
Custom colorants include dry color, pre-color compounds, liquid and pellet concentrates, rotational molding compounds and additive masterbatches.