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collude with (someone or something)

To scheme or conspire with someone or something. The president of the company colluded with his receptionist to conceal all evidence of his crime.
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collude with someone or something

to plot or conspire with someone or a group. The CEO colluded with the board of directors in the stock scandal.
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We have too much knowledge to collude with that kind of attitude.
If the FBI cannot or will not distinguish between groups who collude in terrorism and peace activists who struggle in the full light of day against all forms of terrorism, we are in serious trouble.
In "Desdemona's Disposition," Lena Cowen Orlin carefully examines the changes in place (from Sagittary to Cyprus and into an increasingly "domestic" space) that may encourage an audience well-versed in patriarchal theories to collude in the mistaken assumptions which lead to uxoricide.
In addition to the factors influencing collusion in a rent seeking framework, the size of the rent available to the winning coalition may increase as firms collude in a rent shrinking environment.
They held salons where members of the establishment could get together and socialize, compare notes, exchange political gossip, commiserate, collude.
The lawsuit alleges greed for fees that drove five area banks, four collapsed Georgia banks and 12 current and former senior banking executives to allegedly collude with the Shailendra family to commit fraud by knowingly aiding in the Shailendra's alleged massive $100mm Ponzi scheme.
The renowned Scoop6 punter Harry Findlay holds four of the eight bonustilting tickets and has been contacted by the Coral winner Ken Facey, a 78-year-old from Porthcawl, after his call in the Racing Post yesterday to collude for the extra payday.
At once exploiting and denying the tape's usefulness in creating hard edges, he generates painterly textures, atmospheres, and structures that alternately collude and compete with those borders.
An unholy alliance of selfish politicians, religious zealots, dictators, career bureaucrats, criminals, corporate fat cats, the arms industry, multi-nationals, and the financial institutions compete, conspire and collude with little or no empathy for those who suffer.
But as a journalist, I'm tired of being expected to collude in their deception.
In an era when one of the nation's oldest corporate names has begun to collude with the government in an illegal domestic spying program, patriots must seek out every possible avenue for defending the Constitution and our privacy," said Barry Steinhardt, Director of the ACLU's Technology and Liberty Project.
An understanding between both parties has allowed them to collude on cobbling together screwy districts that have very little in common except the right balance of votes to keep the seats safe for whatever party now holds them.
Andy Clifton, the Tote's public relations director, said: "From our point of view, the bet is not designed for people to collude when they have a chance of winning the bonus.
We expect the Association of British Drivers to claim they are against motorists breaking the law while providing a toolkit for them to get off driving offences, it is another thing for The Post to effectively collude with them.
he replies that "We must begin with a commitment never to intentionally kill, or collude in the killing of, any innocent human life.