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on a collision course

Of a person, group, or object, on a certain path to conflict, collision, destruction, or ruin with someone or something else. The radical left-wing coalition is set to be on a collision course with the majority conservative government this January. Little did the passengers know that they were riding a train on a collision course with disaster.
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be on a collision course

if two people or groups are on a collision course, they are doing or saying things which are certain to cause a serious disagreement or a fight between them All attempts at diplomacy have broken down and the two states now appear to be on a collision course. (often + with ) The British government is on a collision course with the American administration over trade tariffs.
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Given the evidence, it is more reasonable to postulate that the Second Solar Spectrum results from interface polarization and associated condensation reactions, rather than calling for anisotropic radiation, Hanle depolarization, and collisional depolarization.
It was observed that the quenching constant was lower in TSE melt flow than in solution due to the restricted collisional diffusion in melt flow.
Though the Alps have been studied by generations of Earth scientists as the prototypic collisional origin, recent findings, technologies, and concepts have radically altered the understanding of their past.
1), the SYNAPT G2 comprehensively detects components, reveals new or subtle features in the data, and provides more efficient data processing workflows such as the measurement of a compound's collisional cross section (shape).
Continued-fraction expansions for the effective thermal conductivity are established, leading to the expected limiting behaviours in collisional and ballistic regimes, and providing an interpolation in the intermediate regimes.
A simple color test could determine whether the collisional model is correct, says Paul Kalas of the University of California, Berkeley.
This interaction happens continuously as subduction proceeds, bur it can also occur when the slab breaks and founders into the mantle during collisional orogenesis (Whalen et al.
Sigmar made important contributions to the understanding of collisional transport in tokamaks and the behavior of alpha particles in fusing plasmas, and played a leadership role in the development of an edge and divertor physics program in the U.
1992; The Geology and Mesozoic collisional history of the Cordillera Real, Ecuador: Tectonophysics, 205, 187-204.
Contrary to previous expectations, the new model predicts that the collisional shift in a cesium fountain clock could be greatly reduced if the clock could be operated at a much lower temperature, in the range of 50 nK.
the patterns of collisional relaxation rates among either the bound or unbound states, and their influence on the shape of the fall-off curve; and (2).
The closing of ocean basins through subduction means that the ultimate fate of these turbidite sequences is to be highly fragmented and deformed in subduction zone accretionary wedges and eventually to form part of collisional orogenic belts, and become welded into the crystalline metamorphic fabric of continental crust.
What is genomically interesting is that DNAs were mutated in this experiment into lower structures by collisional ejection of oxygen or carbon.
Previous work indicated that the maximum output energy from the collisional version of the Penrose process was only about 30 percent higher than what you start with," Schnittman said.
By describing the application of numerical methods and the algorithms themselves, they highlight challenges that theory imposes on numerical schemes for solving partial differential equations describing collisional and collisionless processes in space and astrophysical plasmas.
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