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collide with (someone or something)

To accidentally strike or crash into someone or something. There's a major traffic jam because a tractor-trailer collided with a car earlier. The runner did collide with the first baseman, but neither one was injured.
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collide with someone or something

to crash with or bump into someone or something. The bus collided with a truck. Maria collided with Alice, but neither was hurt.
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Copycats have already begun to come out of the woodwork to introduce a whole spate of colliding domains.
Peering deep into the maelstrom of two colliding galaxies, astronomers have discovered a cluster of massive stars exploding like fire-crackers.
The OAP received serious injuries when his car collided with the young female, believed to have been walking to a shop, before colliding with another vehicle in Queens Road, New Tredegar at around 4pm yesterday.
During the chase, Vogt spun off the road but took off again, colliding with a patrol car - one of four hit during the chase.
If a space rock is large enough, it could kill millions of people by colliding with Earth, Shoemaker says.
A United Airlines passenger jet and a cargo plane came within 300 feet of colliding on Sunday night at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration says.
Those results have made the idea of colliding black holes seem less realistic.
crash occurred when the driver of a Mercury heading west on Roscoe Boulevard went through a red light, colliding with a Volvo carrying five youngsters heading north on Mason Avenue, Officer Bill Mulvihill said.
Astronomers have discovered a pair of colliding galaxies connected by a bridge of high-speed electrons and elongated magnetic fields.
Tokcaer, 67, of Palmdale died after she lost control of her southbound Pontiac Firebird, and crossed a dirt median near Placerita Canyon Road, colliding with a northbound Toyota Tercel.
This glow probably arises from electrons colliding with sulfur dioxide gas spewed by the volcanoes.
Three men were seriously injured Monday in a traffic collision at the intersection of First and Easy streets, after a speeding truck was unable to avoid colliding with a car making a left turn.
Astronomers have for the first time caught supernova remnants in the act of colliding.