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take a collection up (from someone) (for someone or something)

to collect money from people for someone or something. Karen took a collection up from everyone in the office for Bill. Karen took up a collection for Bill from everyone in the office.
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take up a collection

Request and gather donations, as in They were taking up a collection for the church that burned down, or The veterans' group takes up a collection every month of household goods and furniture. This idiom was first recorded in 1849.
See also: collection, take, up
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This," he said, "was all that was left of the Carstairs Collection.
He not only sold the Collection bit by bit, but sank bit by bit to the basest ways of making money-- even to blackmailing his own family in a disguise.
Spenser, however, soon outgrew this folly and in 1579 published the collection of poems which, as we have already said, is commonly taken as marking the beginning of the great Elizabethan literary period, namely 'The Shepherd's Calendar.
The lyrics were published sometimes in collections by single authors, sometimes in the series of anthologies which succeeded to Tottel's 'Miscellany.
A piece of matter, according to the definition that I propose, is, as a first approximation,* the collection of all those correlated particulars which would normally be regarded as its appearances or effects in different places.
According to the view that I am suggesting, a physical object or piece of matter is the collection of all those correlated particulars which would be regarded by common sense as its effects or appearances in different places.
How could such a collection be here, where you see everything except the inside of one little cupboard and a few boxes?
That our palaeontological collections are very imperfect, is admitted by every one.
FDA Clears Pall-ViaCell's Cord Blood Collection Bags 28
For example, the CAP could be used to prevent a seizure of the taxpayer's property, while a CDP could be filed to challenge the underlying basis for a collection action.
The issue of how libraries acquire geospatial data is a prevalent one in this collection of articles.
The library has a 19th century dime novel collection, a collection about child survivors of the Jewish Holocaust, and a collection of revolutionary and political movements in Russia from 1875 to 1937.
Edsall was officially named curator of a collection of her own invention--the Philadelphia Dance Collection at Temple University (PDCAT).
The tour ended in the basement of La Maison Rouge with "396 regards," projected details of historical masterpieces from the slide collection of the late art historian Daniel Arasse.
Price, if the collection service is not offered for flee, can be another obstacle, as can lack of space within the LRE.