collect around

collect around (someone or something)

To gather around someone or something. The kids collected around the clown to watch him make balloon animals.
See also: around, collect

collect around someone or something

to gather around someone or something; to accumulate around someone or something. The guests collected around the table that held the birthday cake. The children collected around the birthday boy.
See also: around, collect
References in classic literature ?
Elinor found, when the evening was over, that disposition is not materially altered by a change of abode, for although scarcely settled in town, Sir John had contrived to collect around him, nearly twenty young people, and to amuse them with a ball.
By April 2019 we are looking to raise and collect around PS5 billion worth of tax revenue in Wales and our key principles will be to make the regime as fair as possible as well as clear, stable and simple.
Lajm has learned that they will organize signing of a petition to collect around 20,000 signatures, demanding the dismissal of Arifi and new elections in the municipality.
Could it be that the same government that spouts about the utility services ripping off the British public with their prices, are quite happy to let the oil companies rip off the motorist and collect around an extra 14p in tax and vat for every gallon of diesel sold?
Sao Paulo currently have an 80 per cent share in Lucas and would collect around pounds 18.
8 February 2012 - Denmark-based Spar Nord Bank will place stock with existing shareholders, seeking to collect around DKK850m (USD152m/EUR114m), the lender said today.
These clever vehicles will deliver and collect around 3,600 meal trays, hundreds of clean and dirty linen items and other waste from around the hospital,' said RNSH General Manager Sue Shilbury.
A cabbie refuted this saying he used to do more than 30 trips to collect around Dh350 per day.
Bulbs are available throughout October and each group will be able to collect around 200 bulbs.
The Bishkek water company plans to collect around US$2 million annually after raise of cold water and sewage tariffs, Bishkek water company chief Kanybek Sulaimanov said on Wednesday.
Louise Pedersen from the RSPB in Birmingham said: "I don't know if it was because of the colourful bird costumes we were wearing, but people were very generous and we managed to collect around pounds 400 which will go towards the RSPB's vital conservation work in the region.
We predict that around a third of that number have come forward this time under the New Disclosure Opportunity (NDO) and that HMRC is likely to collect around pounds 135 million.
We are hoping to collect around 25,000 text books and we need to find free storage of around 200 square feet.
Bob Clear, who runs Bob's Tackle and Bait at Mwyndy, is once again sponsoring the event so there will some good prizes and the winner should collect around pounds 200.
Totepool spokesman George Primarolo said: "This weekend's Scoop6 action sees a nice blend of Group and handicap racing, and a single winner could collect around pounds 350,000.