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collaborate with (someone or something)

To work on a task with another person or group. Which department are we collaborating with on this campaign?
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collaborate with someone or something

to work together on something with someone or a group. I will collaborate with Amy on this research. I was forced to collaborate with a totally uninformed committee.
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While Pioneer collaborated with Microsoft to develop a simpler way for consumers to access their computer-based video, music and digital photos on their Pioneer plasma display, the same technology could be used to enable a business to offer remote desktop access, Web browsing, power point displays, teleconferencing and other business applications on a Pioneer plasma display in a boardroom or meeting room.
Pioneer and Microsoft collaborated to develop a concept expansion card enabling consumers to network their digital entertainment (videos, music files, digital photos as well as recorded TV programming using MS-DVR) in high definition quality directly to the plasma using Windows Media Connect.
Tom and Gary have collaborated over many years on a number of projects involving 2D and 3D computer graphics and imaging.
Since January 2000, the companies have collaborated on the development of a novel therapy for treatment of Type II diabetes with the glucocorticoid receptor drug.
MU and LANL HR have collaborated on leadership institutes, the study of alliances and other topics.
Human Genome Sciences has collaborated with John Iandolo, Ph.