collaborate with

collaborate with (someone or something)

To work on a task with another person or group. Which department are we collaborating with on this campaign?
See also: collaborate

collaborate with someone or something

to work together on something with someone or a group. I will collaborate with Amy on this research. I was forced to collaborate with a totally uninformed committee.
See also: collaborate
References in classic literature ?
For Mademoiselle Stangerson had already begun to collaborate with her father in his work.
No physician can be required by contract or other agreement to collaborate with an APRN against the physician's will.
JRT now has the opportunity to collaborate with 11,000 high-caliber professionals, many of whom are women and minorities.
If the United States does not collaborate with China in promoting more conservation and energy efficiency, her demand for oil could drive the price over $100 per barrel during the next five years.
A lecture-recital featuring music set to the prose or poetry of a famous writer: collaborate with literature or poetry teachers to bring out the particular techniques that distinguish this writer.
The advocate members participate in many aspects of the decision-making processes, collaborate with the Community Outreach and Translation Cores of the centers, and added much to the discussion at the annual meeting.
This paper explores a higher education initiative to tram in-service teachers to collaborate with families.
Merge Collaborate with Revionics solutions, other merchandising solutions, or supplier systems for improved automation.
The need to quickly collaborate with suppliers around the world and develop new seasonal offerings and limited edition programs is critical for J D Williams' success.
com customers can now deploy rich extranets to collaborate with customers and partners
The new eJamming technology is the first to make it possible for any musician - acoustic or electronic - to make music and collaborate with others in real-time over the Internet.
Abbey will seek external equity financing, after which it intends to collaborate with ACADIA to gain access to selected drug discovery assets that may have utility in the field of substance abuse.
For suppliers, their ability to participate in the world economy hinges on their capacity to seamlessly collaborate with Fortune 2000 organizations," commented Sue Welch, CEO, TradeStone Software.
They will use it to help teachers communicate and collaborate with each other as well as to communicate with colleagues and perhaps even legislators across the state.
However, the complexities of international trade remains a stumbling block, as it is difficult to collaborate with suppliers and customers who are often thousands of miles apart.