cold fish

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cold fish

Someone who shows no emotion and comes across as unfriendly or disinterested. The manager decided not to hire Bill as the store greeter because he came across like a cold fish during the interview.
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*cold fish

Fig. a person who is distant and unfeeling. (*Typically: act like ~; be ~.) Bob is so dull—a real cold fish. She hardly ever speaks to anyone. She's a cold fish.
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cold fish

A hard-hearted, unfeeling individual, one who shows no emotion, as in Not even the eulogy moved him; he's a real cold fish. This expression was used by Shakespeare in The Winter's Tale (4:4): "It was thought she was a woman, and was turn'd into a cold fish." However, it came into wider use only in the first half of the 1900s.
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a cold fish

If you call someone a cold fish, you mean that they do not show their emotions and can seem unfriendly or unsympathetic. Since the President is generally seen as a cold fish, it is all the more impressive when he does show his feelings. He didn't really show much emotion — he's a bit of a cold fish.
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a ˌcold ˈfish

(disapproving) a person who shows little or no emotion, or is unfriendly, reserved, etc: When I first met him, he seemed rather a cold fish, but actually he’s quite passionate.
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cold fish

n. a dull and unresponsive person. I hate to shake hands with a cold fish like that. He didn’t even smile.
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Those cold fish eyes seemed to bore right through you, even when he was being charming.
Cold Fish, a premiere, enraptured the audience with a sea of visual imagery.
COLD FISH NICK CLEGG Grinning LibDem angles for another coalition as he grasps a slimy partner on an early morning visit to Newlyn in Cornwall.
17 million will spent on setting up of boat repairing workshops along the coastal belt of the province and Rs, 25 million for introducing Semi Cold Fish Hatchery at Subakzai dam in Zhob district.
I'd sooner trust politicians who drink than the cold fish who don't.
Beautifully shot, loaded with atmosphere and boasting perhaps Nicole Kidman's best-ever performance, it's still a cold fish of a film with zilch emotional resonance.
In not much more time than it takes to open a can, you can fork-mix any cold fish with a special tartar sauce and build salad-type sandwiches that outshine any you could make with canned tuna.
Having been left out in the cold, I decided to do the only logical cold thing - and eat cold fish.
The Spaniard is a cold fish, it's one of his well-documented weaknesses.
It is not the anger of Rooney or Ronaldo that is likely to be troubling Ferguson, but the apparent lack of passion in Dimitar Berbatov - referred to as 'Sushi' by one Spurs player I know, because he was such a cold fish.
If Roxy was expecting sympathy from her cold fish sister she didn't get it.
The monitors will record each wild penguin's heart rate, location, water depth and throat temperature, telling scientists when they have swallowed a cold fish.
We all had a good laugh when Gordon Gay, whose parents owned a fish and chip shop, got out his cold fish sandwiches for lunch.
He lost the plaice after claiming he was served freezing cold fish and chips in a Chinese takeaway.
However, after Frank has blasted his umpteenth nameless henchman in the memory of his murderer loved ones, it's hard to muster any sympathy, especially when Jane plays him as such a cold fish.