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Cold Feet is written by Mike Bullen, who based the characters on himself and his friends from Solihull School.
There was enough clever banter, sexual tension and simmering resentment to convince me that, unlike other revivals from the period - hi Scary, hi Ginger, hi Baby - bringing Cold Feet back in 2016 could turn out to be a pretty good idea.
Speaking about his return to the role of Pete, John Thomson said: "I'm delighted to be part of the new series of Cold Feet.
He said: "I thought, I hadn't really seen a show like Cold Feet for the best part of a decade and while I hope I've written something that isn't warmed up feet, I'd love the people who loved that show to come and see this one.
That ought to give all Angelenos cold feet - especially the city's elected leaders.
The combination of delayed and reduced vessel dilation can translate into cold feet and hands.
Life Begins ITV1, 9pm Caroline Quentin is a woman starting all over again in Life Begins , the latest drama series from Cold Feet creator Mike Bullen.
Have you had the nagging feeling something good is now missing from your life since the last ever series of Cold Feet finished?
During his hospital stays, Michael often complained to Brittany of having cold feet.
Bob Arnott was holding up a container of antiperspirant and claiming that the military had been using it to prevent cold feet.
You may be surprised to learn that the reason for cold feet is much the same whether you're talking about a reluctant bride or your toes after a winter run.
In addition to promoting relaxation, Warm Whiskers help ease a host of other ailments, including headaches, cramps, cold feet and boo-boos (use frozen).
It's always great to catch up with old friends, so it's time to see what the Cold Feet gang are up to 10 months on.
ALIVERPOOL actress is making a stir in the new series of Cold Feet.
THE critically-acclaimed return of Cold Feet was a success with viewers as it dominated the Monday night TV landscape with ease.