coil around

coil around (someone or something)

To twist around someone or something. A reflexive pronoun can be used between "coil" and "around." The explorer froze when he felt the snake coil itself around his leg. That vine is now coiling around the tree—is there any way I can move it?
See also: around, coil

coil (itself) around someone or something

[for something or an animal] to wrap itself around someone or something. The monkey's tail coiled itself around the branch. The huge python coiled around poor Roger.
See also: around, coil
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Tenders are invited for Providing Double Chain Link Fencing With Concertina Coil Around Magazine Premises At Chirimiri Ocp Of Chrm Area.
Translucent orange-brown bones coil around a squashed skull, and a lanky body stretches into a short, curving tail.
Our incredibly talented team carefully shaped the curvature of the Helix band, keeping in mind the delicate nature and flexibility required to coil around the human wrist.
A good way to tell if your clay is moist enough is to roll a coil the size of your finger and then wrap that coil around your finger.
That's not enough for me, he said, and will say again when the cancer comes back to coil around his belly and squeeze hard like a python set free and starving in the swamp.
Watching him tighten his evil coil around Lesgate, by slowly disclosing everything he knows about him, is delectably pleasurable.
My hair got caught in the wheels of my spinning peppermint bra and began to coil around and around.
Females coil around the eggs to protect them and keep them warm through using muscular contractions to generate heat.
of wire random-wound in a one-way coil around a cardboard former.
The collection includes dainty, jewel-encrusted snakes which coil around fingers, wrists or dangle around the necks of both children and adults.
python Any of various nonvenomous snakes of the family Pythonidae, found chiefly in Asia, Africa, and Australia, that coil around and suffocate their prey.
The hoses of the hookahs coil around the lavish water pipes like a nest of serpents while the alluring Arabic music all but charms them from their perches.
Those eddy currents are induced by electrical current passing through a cable wrapped in a continuous coil around the barrel but not touching it.
Working alongside masterplanning architects Geurst and Schulze, who are designing four perimeter buildings, Fretton is responsible for five buildings that coil around a new public square at the centre of the plot, before emerging on the more prominent south-east corner.
Data verification happens through a unit installed in the vehicle connected to a transmitting coil around the fuel inlet.