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cohabit with (someone or something)

1. Literally, to live with someone or something. This usage is often applied to different species of animals that are living together. It took some time, but our cat and dog are now able to cohabit with each other peacefully.
2. To live with a romantic partner whom one is not married to. My daughter is already cohabiting with her new boyfriend, and I am not thrilled about it.
3. euphemism To have sexual intercourse with one. I heard a rumor that you've been cohabiting with Steve—is it true?
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cohabit with someone

1. [for an unmarried person] to live with a person of the opposite sex. They were cohabiting with one another for several years.
2. Euph. to copulate with someone. She had been cohabiting with him, and she admitted it in court.
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Some courts specifically state two issues that arise when an alimony recipient cohabits: (1) that an alimony recipient might unfairly receive financial support from both her ex-spouse and her cohabitant, and (2) that an alimony recipient might use her alimony payments to support her cohabitant.
Ideally, we would not want a disaffected cohabitant to be able to move to a new relationship without first having compensated the losses of the abandoned cohabitant, and it is doubtful that current marital law requires this compensation of divorcing spouses.
4th DCA 1996); the extent to which the contribution of a cohabitant reduces the expense of the recipient spouse and lessens the need for alimony, Donoff v.
Those who think of restitution as an obscure branch of "legal remedies" may be surprised to read about the role restitution has played in tobacco litigation, slavery reparations, and rights following the breakup of unmarried cohabitants.
In addition, we contended that societal mores were more accepting of cohabitant relationships.
152-1(b), a cohabitant might argue that (1) the state of residence does not enforce cohabitation statutes and (2) the cohabitant meets four of the five dependency exemption tests; therefore, the exemption should be allowed, even if it would frustrate state public policy.
Sheldon(16) refused to expand Dillon to a cohabitant relationship resembling a marital relationship.
District Judge Robert Parker wrote that "we are presiding over the last rites of this cohabitant of the blue planet.
The prosecutor's office of the city of Moscow carried out a check on the appeal of a resident of the capital on the illegal acquisition of her cohabitant, a native of the Azerbaijan SSR, who, by decision of the Gagarinsky District Court of Moscow, is serving a sentence of imprisonment for a long period of time for an especially grave crime and Russian citizenship.
New York, Mar 1 ( ANI ): Hugh Hefner's son Marston, who has been accused of beating his girlfriend Claire Sinclair, is facing one count of battery on a spouse or cohabitant and one count of vandalism.
A cohabitant finds themselves in the position therefore of any other dependent, there is no recognition of their relationship with the deceased.
It emerged that the man hired for the job was the boyfriend and cohabitant of Moleskis' daughter.
Homma denied the magazine's claim that he had listed his wife as a cohabitant in papers for the apartment.
The state's highest court rejected Stephen Cole's claims that there was insufficient evidence to support his first-degree murder conviction and that errors were made in his trial, including the introduction of his two prior convictions of cohabitant abuse of the murder victim.