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cohabit with (someone or something)

1. Literally, to live with someone or something. This usage is often applied to different species of animals that are living together. It took some time, but our cat and dog are now able to cohabit with each other peacefully.
2. To live with a romantic partner whom one is not married to. My daughter is already cohabiting with her new boyfriend, and I am not thrilled about it.
3. euphemism To have sexual intercourse with one. I heard a rumor that you've been cohabiting with Steve—is it true?
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cohabit with someone

1. [for an unmarried person] to live with a person of the opposite sex. They were cohabiting with one another for several years.
2. Euph. to copulate with someone. She had been cohabiting with him, and she admitted it in court.
See also: cohabit
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On one hand, the number of cohabitors who live in a serious long-term relationship may increase because some couples, who would marry in a more traditional context, now cohabit.
However, a much larger percentage cohabit at some point in their life.
As for homosexuals in our country, we have not yet discovered this form of violence, so to give you a certain answer, it can be said that people who cohabit does not include homosexuals.
What social scientists refer to as the "selection effect" - that people who cohabit are, as a group, more adverse to commitment that the population at large, and therefore more likely to split up - is no doubt also at work.
I believe most couples who cohabit are expressing a commitment to one another.
She also said that should they marry or cohabit, formal plans should be put in place to cover the assets if the relationship ends.
The Denver University study found about 20 per cent of those who cohabited before getting engaged had since suggested divorce, compared with 12 per cent of those who moved in together after getting engaged and 10 per cent who did not cohabit prior to the wedding.
But I'm not sure people cohabit because they want to keep their possessions safe.
ACCORDING to statistics, 14% of couples in the UK currently cohabit without being married.
When it comes to tax, pensions and inheritance, couples who are married get a better deal than those who just cohabit.
COUPLES who cohabit before marrying are twice as likely to divorce than those who had lived apart, research shows.
The evidence suggests that much of the difference in relationship stability between married and cohabiting parents is due to pre-existing differences between the kinds of people who get married before they have children, compared to those that cohabit," The Telegraph quoted Ellen Greaves, research economist at the IFS, as saying.
Millions cohabit without sorting out who gets what if they split.
The Law Commission is currently reviewing the laws surrounding the rights of couples that cohabit but do not get married.