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coffee shop

A café where coffee, tea, and other light refreshments are typically served. I definitely need some caffeine before class, so I'll meet you at the coffee shop after I finish up at the library.
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coffee table book

A large hardbound book primarily containing pictures that is often displayed on a coffee table in a common area as a conversation piece. Jenna published a coffee table book that featured beautiful photographs from her European vacations.
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coffee and

A non-specific request for coffee and something else, usually a pastry. Take these croissants out to the guests who want coffee and.
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coffee-table book

A large, typically hardcover book full of glossy photos that is meant to be displayed on a coffee-table for casual viewing, as opposed to thorough reading. At least there were some interesting coffee-table books to flip through while we waited.
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wake up and smell the coffee

Pay attention to what is happening. Come on, Stan, wake up and smell the coffee! They're cheating you out of millions!
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coffee and

coffee and a doughnut or a pastry. I'll have coffee and. We stopped at a little shop for coffee and.
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coffee and Danish

a cup of coffee and a Danish sweet roll. A few of us like to have coffee and Danish before we start work. Coffee and Danish is not my idea of a good breakfast!
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coffee-table book

a book that is more suitable for display than for reading, typically, an oversize, illustrated book left on the coffee table for visitors to examine. This book is more of a coffee-table book than an art book. I prefer something more scholarly. We purchased a coffee-table book for Jan's birthday.
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wake up and smell the coffee

Prov. Try to pay attention to what's going on. Things have changed around here, Wallace J. Hodder! Wake up and smell the coffee!
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wake up and smell the coffee

If you say that someone should wake up and smell the coffee, you mean they must start to be more realistic and aware of what is happening around them. You'll have to wake up and smell the coffee. The world is a very hard, cruel place. It would really serve you well to wake up and smell the damned coffee and quit acting like a teenager.
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wake up and smell the coffee

become aware of the realities of a situation, however unpleasant. informal, chiefly North American
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wake up and smell the ˈcoffee

(American English, informal) used to tell somebody that they are wrong about a particular situation or have not been aware of something and it is time that they realized and accepted the truth: It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee: you’re not going to pass this course unless you start working harder.
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coffee and

n. coffee and a doughnut or a pastry. We stopped at a little shop for coffee and.
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coffee in, coffee out

and CICO
phr. & comp. abb. a phrase relating to drinking coffee and then urinating. (A play on FIFO, GIGO, etc.) Yikes! I really got to go! CICO. Let’s stop again at the next rest area. Coffee in, coffee out, you know.
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cold blood

and cold coffee
n. beer. How would you like a little cold blood to start things off?
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cold coffee

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The Fair Trade label was born in the Netherlands in 1989 under the brand name Max Havelaar, taken from the tide of a 19th-century novel about oppressed Javanese coffee plantation workers.
Fair Trade certification, intended to raise the living standards of coffee farmers in Nicaragua and elsewhere, has grown into a complex bureaucracy and an industry in itself.
TASTINGS: There are numerous opportunities to sample Kona coffee -- even at the Longs Drugs in the Keauhou Shopping Center.
Coffee is a tropical plant that is grown in some 50 countries around the world on some 30 million acres.
The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), a non-profit trade organization that seeks to promote high-end coffees--also known as premiums or gourmet blends--wants a third of the U.
And the all-important invention of instant coffee has helped make java the preferred drink of millions who don't wish to bother with percolators Or French presses--and, presumably, don't mind quaffing a beverage that tastes vaguely metallic.
Although Allen says that the metal removal could actually be much higher worldwide for those who drink coffee, depending on cultural and personal tastes in coffee preparation, he says that the team's findings are important to current human exposure assessment estimates of copper and lead in tap water.
The more regular coffee a woman drinks, the more calcium is excreted in her urine," says Linda Massey, a bone researcher at Washington State University in Spokane.
We're thrilled to bring Green Mountain's gourmet coffee to the discerning guests of Aspen/Snowmass," says Jim Travis, VP of Sales for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.
Coffee is a complex mix of hundreds of compounds, many of which are poorly understood by science.
In the prosperous past, coffee-producing areas, especially in the Colombia's western regions, had been pockets of peace because of the high coffee income that trickled down throughout these parts.
Until the early 1990s, global coffee-bean production was controlled under a deal called the International Coffee Agreement, a kind of cartel, which, unlike OPEC, required both exporters and consuming countries to submit to quotas.
coffee consumption is flat, people are interested in drinking better, higher-quality coffee these days and are asking for more variety and quality products in grocery stores, restaurants and coffee stores, which is driving up the overall market value, notes Eric Chastain, coffee education specialist, Starbucks Coffee Co.
The Center will be staffed by a team of experts in soil management and field-crop production to improve coffee farmers' livelihoods and the future supply of high-quality, sustainable coffee.