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coffee shop

A café where coffee, tea, and other light refreshments are typically served. I definitely need some caffeine before class, so I'll meet you at the coffee shop after I finish up at the library.
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coffee table book

A large hardbound book primarily containing pictures that is often displayed on a coffee table in a common area as a conversation piece. Jenna published a coffee table book that featured beautiful photographs from her European vacations.
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coffee and

coffee and a doughnut or a pastry. I'll have coffee and. We stopped at a little shop for coffee and.
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coffee and Danish

a cup of coffee and a Danish sweet roll. A few of us like to have coffee and Danish before we start work. Coffee and Danish is not my idea of a good breakfast!
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coffee-table book

a book that is more suitable for display than for reading, typically, an oversize, illustrated book left on the coffee table for visitors to examine. This book is more of a coffee-table book than an art book. I prefer something more scholarly. We purchased a coffee-table book for Jan's birthday.
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wake up and smell the coffee

Prov. Try to pay attention to what's going on. Things have changed around here, Wallace J. Hodder! Wake up and smell the coffee!
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wake up and smell the coffee

to pay attention and do something about a situation Some parents just deny their kids are having problems, and they'd better wake up and smell the coffee.
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a coffee table book

a large, expensive book with a lot of pictures, that is often kept on a table for people to look at A glossy coffee table book of his art work will be published next year.
See Wake up and smell the coffee!
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Wake up and smell the coffee!

something that you say in order to tell someone that they should try to understand the true facts of a situation or that they should give more attention to what is happening around them It's time you woke up and smelled the coffee, Don. We're just not getting enough business any more.
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coffee and

n. coffee and a doughnut or a pastry. We stopped at a little shop for coffee and.
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coffee in, coffee out

and CICO
phr. & comp. abb. a phrase relating to drinking coffee and then urinating. (A play on FIFO, GIGO, etc.) Yikes! I really got to go! CICO. Let’s stop again at the next rest area. Coffee in, coffee out, you know.
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cold blood

and cold coffee
n. beer. How would you like a little cold blood to start things off?
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cold coffee

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References in classic literature ?
Then I examined the coffee cups, and I knew enough chemistry to find poison in the dregs of one of them.
At this point in his meditations Violet entered with the after-dinner coffee and the evening post.
This young man, besides having a great deal to say for himself about Africa and a project of his for teaching the coffee colonists to teach the natives to turn piano-forte legs and establish an export trade, delighted in drawing Mrs.
This is the moment when I stir my coffee violently.
And, to Rose's great discomfort, the coffee went after the medicine.
It was coffee then, for he threw it down on purpose.
Twas hasty puddin', as ye say," said her husband, "and hurry-up turnips and get-a-move-on-ye coffee.
Tom addressed himself to the coffee, and prattled away while he worked himself into his shoes and his greatcoat, well warmed through--a Petersham coat with velvet collar, made tight after the abominable fashion of those days.
And now we shall have no hot coffee, soup, tea, or anything
When he had finished his letters, Stepan Arkadyevitch moved the office-papers close to him, rapidly looked through two pieces of business, made a few notes with a big pencil, and pushing away the papers, turned to his coffee.
She knew how he liked to spread his butter on thick, how he liked thick, rare steak fried on a dry hot pan, and how he liked coffee that was coffee and plenty of it.
Her letters and coffee were on a small table near the fire, an easy-chair was drawn up to the hearthrug.
He asked this member of the fraternity (who had two red herrings in his hand, and a loaf and a blacking brush under his arm), where was the nearest place to get a cup of coffee at.
There was no other person in the room but the old Jew, who was boiling some coffee in a saucepan for breakfast, and whistling softly to himself as he stirred it round and round, with an iron spoon.
They sat down to the meal; and broiled ham, eggs, tea, coffee and sundries, began to disappear with a rapidity which at once bore testimony to the excellence of the fare, and the appetites of its consumers.