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coexist with (someone or something)

To occupy the same space as someone or something, often peacefully. Can you please stop fighting and just coexist with your sister for a few hours? It took some time, but our cat and dog are now able to coexist with each other.
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coexist with someone or something

to exist agreeably or tolerably with or at the same time as someone or something. I decided that I would have to coexist with your policies, despite my objections. It is hard for cats to coexist with dogs.
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This year, Coexist by Cannon, a new collection of urban-inspired dorm fashions for teens, will be available exclusively at Sears and Kmart stores.
And if he and they are to coexist, they must hew religiously to this line.
E[acute accent]--Transcodes 62 out of possible 62 connections in the same conference -- This test determined how many of the 62 combinations supported bandwidths, video protocols, video formats, and audio algorithms can coexist in the same conference.
E[acute accent]If NAND comes to the cellphone, will it attach to the applications or media processor and coexist peacefully with the NOR FLASH on the modem side?
In a metal at ultralow temperatures, however, the spinning nuclei and the free electrons may coexist at different temperatures.
IPv6 is an improved version of the Internet protocol that will coexist with IPv4 and eventually provide better internetworking capabilities than those currently available with IPv4.
As software vendors incorporate core mobile-computing technologies into their products, and enterprises adopt new technologies such as Web services, pure-play wireless middleware and software vendors need to address the business process issues of mobile workforces and learn to coexist with larger IT vendors," says Eugene Signorini, Yankee Group Wireless/Mobile Enterprise & Computing senior analyst.
Laboratory challenged this notion and presented theoretical arguments suggesting that quark and nuclear matter can intermingle and coexist in equilibrium.
The Checkpoint-PSC multi-function POS bar code scanner concept demonstrates how Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Electronic Product Codes/Radio Frequency Identification (EPC/RFID) and Universal Product Codes (UPC) can coexist at the store level, and over time can converge in an EPC-rich environment.
Owen notes that both forms of nitrogen ice could coexist at Triton's surface temperature, a frigid 37 kelvins.
And, because both protocols are likely to coexist in the same network, network interoperability is essential to the success of packet telephony.
Organised by alumni from the Cambridge Coexist Leadership Programme, an initiative of the Coexist Foundation in partnership with the Cambridge Interfaith Programme, the group will meet at 11am for the five-hour event.
com)-- Continuing their mission to improve the quality of life through the healing power of music for at-risk youth, Operation Coexist will be hosting their first ticketed event at 7 PM on Saturday, July 20th, 2013 at The Hideaway Cafe and Recording Studio in downtown St Petersburg.
The xx are riding a wave of success having recently released their second album Coexist to high praise from fans and critics.