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coerce (one) into (something)

To force, compel, or threaten a person or animal to take a certain action. The maid coerced her famous employer into paying her an exorbitant sum of money. It took a lot of treats to coerce the cat into her carrier for a trip to the vet.
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coerce (someone or an animal) into something

to force or compel someone or an animal to do something. I could not coerce her into coming along with us. You cannot coerce a cat into anything.
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If Taiwan chooses to liberalize trade, then China decides whether or not to coerce Taiwan.
They wanted to coerce my father to waive the ownership of a plot of land beside the land of one of the runaway suspects named B.
Dubai: A man claimed in court on Monday that his ex-wife had lodged a malicious complaint against him to coerce him to waive his children's custody lawsuit against her.
What this seems to say is that the Miranda ruling no longer governs police behavior, and that the police can coerce you to confess by almost any means short of violence.
McCarthy was aware of the situation and used his position to coerce the plaintiff into similar sexual activity from February 1998 to August 1998, the suit said.
It would be sinful and tyrannical, for example, for members of any political party to coerce nonmembers to contribute money to its causes.
Third, when you think about using the police power of the state to coerce payment and membership in a particular organization, and then you force the members to associate with positions that are objectionable to them, you've got constitutional questions being raised,'' Keene said.
Five women Army recruits accused investigators Tuesday of trying to coerce them into saying they were raped by superiors in a burgeoning scandal that has civil rights advocates calling for an outside investigation.
The coerces would be conducted with an aim to sharpen the skills, to develop a skilled executives or entrepreneur and eventually earn a living which could help them finance their education and boost their family income.
Citing other Supreme Court precedent, AU's letter explained that "delivery of a prayer at public school graduations is unconstitutional in part because it coerces students who do not subscribe to the religious views reflected in the prayer to submit to a religious ceremony.