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blue code of silence

An unspoken policy of concealment by police regarding the wrongdoing or illicit activity of other officers. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I respect the need for the police, but it's hard to trust them completely when so many stories of the blue code of silence come to light.
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clean code

Computer programming code that is written concisely, efficiently, and in an organized manner, so as to be easily read and understood by another. We encourage all our programmers to write clean code so that anyone else in the company can easily use and add to their work if necessary.
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code of silence

The practice of not disclosing important or vital information by members of a group, as due to the threat of violence, reprisal, being branded as a traitor, or an inherent sense of honor. There are parts of the city where the code of silence is so strong that police don't even bother questioning the residents there.
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break a/the code

To determine or decipher a secret code. It is imperative that we break the enemy code and access their plans. She definitely broke the code on my phone—her picture is suddenly my new background!
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bring (something) up to code

To alter or improve a building so that it meets building codes or regulations. Primarily heard in US. The landlord needs to bring this ancient apartment building up to code before it just crumbles to the ground.
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break a code

to figure out a code; to decipher a secret code. The intelligence agents finally broke the enemy's code. When they broke the code, they were able to decipher messages.
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bring something up to code

renovate an old building or update its features in line with the latest building regulations. North American
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code brown

n. a fecal accident. (Jocular word play based on a hospital’s PA announcements of various color codes.) Code brown on third floor east.
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code yellow

a urinary accident. (Jocular word play based on a hospital’s PA announcements of various color codes.) Whoops. Code yellow. Change the sheets and the mattress.
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The code had to be well documented, with interface design documents, requirements definition documents, system design documents, database design documents, program development folders, and test plans and reports.
They've devised codes that intentionally incorporate redundancy into a message, so that even if noise corrupts some portions, the recipient can usually figure it out.
The 3-D non-invasive cast-in bar codes are designed to last the life of the part, but a new coding system has emerged that improves the longevity of a direct-part marking over the typical bar code.
Code owners will just check boxes at the control center for these services, provided the server offers them.
The architects and the engineers have to work with the code on a daily basis and have to interpret the code," he said.
The CDC said ICD-10-CM features improvements in content and format over ICD-9-CM and ICD-10, including the addition of information relevant to ambulatory and managed-care encounters; expanded injury codes; the creation of combination diagnosis/symptom codes to reduce the number of codes needed to fully describe a condition; the addition of a sixth character; incorporation of common fourth- and fifth-digit subclassifications; laterality (a classification specifying left and right sides of the brain and body); and greater specificity in code assignment.
Instead, a crime such as a serious assault or a hit-and-run crash with injuries is typically designated Code 2-High.
3) If the applicant did not provide information on race in a mail, Internet, or telephone application (code 7) in 2003, use code 3 (information not provided by applicant in mail, Internet, or telephone application) for reporting ethnicity.
G-Cover is a development tool that automates structural code coverage analysis per DO-178B Table A, Objectives 5, 6 and 7.
Had Oakton not been built to institutional occupancy code, local fire marshals would not have allowed partial-opening windows in the fourth-floor dementia unit, says Mikalajunas.
The Renaissance was a period of transition in the evolution of the code of honor.
Remember that it is the procedure, not the method or tools that are used, that is important in determining the code.
On March 1, 1999, the Faculty Senate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison surprised almost everyone by voting to abolish the code that had regulated professors' speech for more than a decade.
Tangible personal property defined in section 1245(a) of the Internal Revenue Code that is used(21) by a qualified taxpayer in one of the lines of business described in SIC Codes 2000 to 3999, inclusive, "primarily"(22) for any of the following:(23)
They are read by an optical scanner (either a hand-held device or a freestanding model like the ones used in supermarkets) that converts the code into computer language for storage and analysis.