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*cocky as the king of spades

boastful; overly proud. (*Also: as ~.) He'd challenge anyone to a fight. He's as cocky as the king of spades. She strutted in, cocky as the king of spades.
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smart ass

someone who makes wisecracks and acts cocky. (Potentially offensive. Use only with discretion.) Some smart ass came in here and asked for a sky hook. Don't be such a smart ass!
See also: ass, smart

smart ass

n. someone who makes wisecracks and acts cocky. (Usually objectionable.) Don’t be such a smart ass!
See also: ass, smart
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If you want to be a good keeper, you should be cocky sometimes.
Sub-Urban's Mash Culture Lab(TM), the Cocky Award's marquee sponsor, is a brand concept derived from today's most significant cultural youth movement.
But he insisted: "While there will be confidence I don't think it would be our style to get any way cocky.
In a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Conrad accuses Philip of being too cocky.
We need to come out and not be too cocky, but go out and play as a team.
WHEN an egg-laying hen started crowing at dawn, her owners wondered why she was acting so cocky.
From JOHN CROSS in Cape Town ALGERIA defender Nadir Belhadj last night promised to 'shut up' cocky England.
The streak is either going to continue or it's going to end if we get cocky,'' guard Ashlee Trebilcock said.
Cocky Lynch escaped from Hollesley Bay Prison, Suffolk, in September where he was serving a seven-year sentence for aggravated burglary.
We came out a little cocky, and they put it to us,'' said Magorien, who remembered La Reina of Thousand Oaks.
X FACTOR loser Lloyd Daniels has defended fellow contestant Danyl Johnson and said he does not deserve to be labelled cocky.
I'm not being cocky, but math is easy for me,'' said Yu, 17.
Are juvenile delinquents in 1999 any different from those cocky delinquents first profiled in 1979?