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If you have to make a quick follow-up shot, it is OK to cock your crossbow by pulling the string back manually, without a cocking device.
Cranks and rope cocking aids are almost a must up there.
It also shoots to two different impact points, depending on whether or not the cocking aid is left on the barrel when shooting.
Three years later came another big moment when he won the Joe Robinson award for being the man-of-the-match in the Sykes Cup final as Holmfirth beat Kirkheaton at Elland, where Cocking starred with the ball, taking four for 54 from 21 overs.
With the receiver held firmly in a padded vise the tool is used by using the lower point to push on each hammer's sear notch hard enough to compress the hammer spring and bring the hole on the hammer in line with the cocking lever and hammer pin so it can be inserted.
Former Yorkshire county player Pickles then finished it off with an unbeaten 21, and although Cocking, batting at No5, could manage only nine, his sterling bowling effort in front a crowd approaching 1,400, was enough to seal the man-of-the-match award.
A variant that has seen considerable police use of late is the double-action-only, on which the hammer returns to a rest position, and the pistol must always be fired by a long cocking pull of the trigger.
Giving them their due, they do send all the parts needed for installation and instructions that should be read by the first-time user, "Smoother operation will be obtained by honing a 45-degree bevel 1/32 inch back on leading or left edge of cocking piece engaging surface.
Mr Noble, 60, of Shepley, and Mr Cocking, 66, from Marsden, have been singing traditional songs together since 1983.
Cylinder & Slide is importing the SFS (Safety Fast Shooting kit), which is a combination of the "fast-action" and the thumb safety cocking systems.
Cocking a 150-175 pound crossbow via direct pull, with both hands, requires considerable strength.
I feel that since I have already just walked in and hooked my gear to my pull-up rope, the movement involved in cocking my crossbow won't hurt.
In a past issue of American Gunsmith you published a problem I was encountering with the lack of a cocking lever spring on a Winchester 24 double shotgun.
The gun is experiencing difficult opening and closing and the cause appears to be related to the forward end of the right and left cocking levers not remaining upward under spring pressure until the hammers assume the fired position.