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(as) cocky as the king of spades

Conceited or haughty. Don't invite Joe to lunch unless you want to hear him brag about all the important things he's doing in his new job. He's just as cocky as the king of spades lately.
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*cocky as the king of spades

boastful; overly proud. (*Also: as ~.) He'd challenge anyone to a fight. He's as cocky as the king of spades. She strutted in, cocky as the king of spades.
See also: cocky, king, of, spade

smart ass

someone who makes wisecracks and acts cocky. (Potentially offensive. Use only with discretion.) Some smart ass came in here and asked for a sky hook. Don't be such a smart ass!
See also: ass, smart

smart ass

n. someone who makes wisecracks and acts cocky. (Usually objectionable.) Don’t be such a smart ass!
See also: ass, smart
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But even the cockiest studio executives remain aware that what seemed sure-fire on paper can become a dog when moviegoers pony up $8 and two hours to watch recent misfires like ``EDtv,'' ``Meet Joe Black,'' ``The Mod Squad,'' ``Deep End of the Ocean'' and ``True Crime.
No major revivals, no movie, no CD soundtrack: Even the cockiest of musical theatre buffs have trouble remembering Two Gentlemen of Verona, winner of the 1971 Tony and Drama Critics Circle awards for best musical.
The home of Scottish rugby has a habit of tripping up the cockiest Welsh teams let alone one as low on confidence as this one.
Sometimes even the cockiest of kids needs a steadying hand on his shoulder.
However with his "pukka tucker," his "luvverly jubblies" and the constant over egging of his likely lad Essex image, he is also one of the cockiest, most irritating people on the planet.
There aren't many shooters as confident as Thornton, and even the cockiest guns sometimes become trigger-shy in the glare of the NCAA Tournament spotlight.
Nothing to suggest that the world's cockiest, flashiest, most outrageously talented fighter trains here.
Darryll Holland, left disappointed by Dragon Dancer, was made happier by Bed Follow's win in the nursery, while Jamie Spencer was seen at his cheekiest and cockiest when taking the 1m2f handicap on Best Prospect.
I thought Jeremy looked like the cockiest kid I'd ever seen.
EMINEM may be the cockiest rapper in the world, but he got terrified when he took on his first acting gig in 8 Mile.
Selina Thomson, 15, Ryan Murphy, 12, and Samantha Locke, 12, were voted the funniest, cockiest and most confident performers.
I'M surrounded by 30 of the cockiest job applicants in the country and the air is thick with smugness.
Ireland's cockiest criminal was led away smirking to Portlaoise Prison, but the 35-year-old nicknamed The Tosser has little to smile about.