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*cocky as the king of spades

boastful; overly proud. (*Also: as ~.) He'd challenge anyone to a fight. He's as cocky as the king of spades. She strutted in, cocky as the king of spades.
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smart ass

someone who makes wisecracks and acts cocky. (Potentially offensive. Use only with discretion.) Some smart ass came in here and asked for a sky hook. Don't be such a smart ass!
See also: ass, smart

smart ass

n. someone who makes wisecracks and acts cocky. (Usually objectionable.) Don’t be such a smart ass!
See also: ass, smart
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I think the Dodgers have earned the right to be a little cockier than the rest of us,'' Johnson said.
West Ham 1 QPR 1 THE AWAY fans belted out a song louder, prouder and cockier than followers of a bottom-of-the-table team should be entitled to sing.
Robbie Williams is back, cockier and more rock 'n' roll than ever.
When the cockier Lake Show cast members finally decided that a Showtime stand-in couldn't hurt, it took a lot of begging - headed by Van Exel and Eddie Jones - to get Johnson to reconsider.
SPANDAU Ballet - cockier and cooler than ever - turned back the clock last night.
They are cockier and more full of swagger than ever before.
Star performances Ladbrokes, the BHB and Lingfield - for making the first all-weather Pattern race such a success, as the crowd of just under 5,000 will surely testify Ride of the day Jimmy Fortune for not panicking when all looked lost on Wavertree Warrior Cheers `Barty' A big thank-you to Ian Bartlett - cockier than ever following his win with Lindus Atenor - for supplying the press room with dim sum.
Saddam, the cause of it all, is still standing and cockier than ever.
The Arctic Monkeys came back cockier and more confident than ever for the first gig of their 12-date UK tour last night.
WHAT women want apparently is to see Mel Gibson play a male chauvinist pig who's cockier than Rocky the Rooster until a freak accident involving leg wax and scented bath beads gives him the ability to read women's minds.