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After exchanging punches, Richardson reportedly shouted, "I'll blow the guts out of you, you cockeyed son of a bitch.
com/cases/federal/ap-pellate-courts/F2/218/825/60991 contains a judgment in a patent infringement lawsuit that Kings pursued against Micro Sight Company in 1955 regarding these cockeyed hammers.
If the nuts are not seated or tightened right, the cab sits cockeyed.
The cockeyed one, whom I had estimated to be eleven or so, carried the soccer ball under his arm.
Life can be amusing if you are willing to look at it a little cockeyed.
Although most patches are necessary, they're not without occasional problems that can disable an application or make your computer act cockeyed.
We know why ``Man of La Mancha'' has been such a crowd-pleasing war horse for lo these many years: The music rouses, a vocally well-endowed baritone gets to unleash some quite familiar songs, and the audience's collective cockeyed optimist is satiated.
It is also developing a greeting cards website, called Cockeyed Cards, for Northumberland illustrator Anna Hall.
Walter Bobbie directs, with musical staging by choreographer Casey Nicholaw, to please all you cockeyed optimists.
Put the keys in any cockeyed configuration you want, assign functions to them, and see if you can do better than the interface engineers.
Maybe I'm a cockeyed optimist," Mr Monks said, explaining that the situation is not all as gloomy as it seems, and not totally one-way either.
The artist, accepting the limitations of his own technique, has produced a series of "preparatory" drawings and several finished decoys that distort the owl's features from expressionistically anxious one moment to cubistically cockeyed the next.
I am not in favour of killing any animal, but the law is completely cockeyed in this case.
Not to be deterred, White is donating her cockeyed chapeaux in support of gay and lesbian, AIDS and breast cancer causes, and has given samples to gay media figures like Ellen DeGeneres and Queer Eye's Carson Kressley.
With repeated listenings, however, several of these tracks yield tremendous pleasures: "Real Time," with its unusual but tasteful use of electronic delay and its modal harmonic structure, sounds like a felicitous cross between Bill Frisell and Bill Laswell; "Hammer Damage," with its tritone licks, its cockeyed rhythms, and its eventual slide into improvisatory bedlam, sounds more and more logical the more you listen to it.