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Let the cobbler stick to his last.

Prov. Do not advise someone in matters outside your area of expertise. Whenever Ted, who is a lawyer, tried to give Bob suggestions about how to write his novel, Bob would say, "Let the cobbler stick to his last." Bill: I don't think you should put so much oregano in the spaghetti sauce. Nancy: You're a construction worker, not a chef. Let the cobbler stick to his last.
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stick to one's last

Keep to what you know and don't interfere out of your province, as in Let me handle the defense in this suit; you stick to your last and track down more eyewitnesses . This adage comes from an ancient story about a shoemaker criticizing a work by a Greek painter named Apelles, saying that the shoe in the picture was not correctly portrayed. After the painter corrected it, the shoemaker pointed out an error in the leg, whereupon the painter said, "Shoemaker, do not go above your last." Over the centuries the story was repeated, and the expression still is sometimes put as cobbler, stick to your last, even though cobblers are nearly obsolete.
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At this speech the Cobbler stared and gaped more than ever, for there was such a threshing of thoughts going on
At last the holy friar bade the landlord show him to his room; but when he heard that he was to bed with a cobbler, he was as ill contented a fellow as you could find in all England, nevertheless there was nothing for it, and he must sleep there or nowhere; so, taking up his candle, he went off, grumbling like the now distant thunder.
Do you mean to say, Barnes," came the sharp voice of the cobbler, "that the hammer jumped up of itself and knocked the man down?
But he nodded rather eagerly, being only too ready to explain the Gothic splendours to someone more likely to be sympathetic than the Presbyterian blacksmith or the atheist cobbler.
The Cobblers, fourth in League Two, have now had their accounts frozen.
Max Simkin (Adam Sandler) harks from four generations of cobblers and owns a shop in a rundown neighbourhood of the Lower East Side.
Max Simkin (Sandler) harks from four generations of cobblers and owns a shop in a rundown neighbourhood of the Lower East Side.
Cobblers with their tools and wares spread around them on floors near city hotspots and in residential areas are a common sight in Sharjah and Ajman.
The new e-commerce site will provide users with a dedicated customer concierge team and expert cobblers.
That's when Kimball, who currently lives in California but is a Utah native, decided to leave his job in the construction industry and open COBBLER COVE, a dessert restaurant in STATION PARK in Farmington that serves up a variety of homemade fruit cobblers.
He used the skills and equipment known by cobblers for generations," Beryl added.
The Cobblers, who appointed Chris Wilder as their new manager on Monday following his departure from Oxford United, showed fine spirit to hit back after falling behind in the opening minute.
The cobblers who provide this service are dwindling.
A specialty shop that encourages customers to call ahead and then come pick up their piping hot fruit cobblers on the way home from work, Classic Cobbler sells its products by the slice or serving or in dinner, family, and party sizes.
Estopinal found some historical recipes for Cobblers made with Sherry and dessert wines.