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cobble (something) up

To assemble or complete something quickly and/or sloppily. The incoherent argument in your paper tells me that you cobbled it up in study hall. Look at that rickety bike—it looks like he just cobbled it up with old junk from his basement.
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cobble something up

 and cobble something together
to make something or put something together hastily or carelessly. Who cobbled this thing up? Take it apart and start over. The kids cobbled up their model planes badly. It looks like you cobbled together that report just last night.
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Wet weather forced race organisers to remove two of the nine cobbled sections, but Froome's falls came prior even to the rst section of cobbles he had been dreading since the route was announced last autumn.
Instead of cobbled streets and stunning views, they will find seagulls and foxes, hunting through bin-liners, homes infested with rats and roads destroyed by construction work.
Davangere, March 24 (ANI): Sonia Gandhi, Chief of Congress party, kicked off her election campaign by targeting a rag tag coalition of parties, Third Front, that has been hurriedly cobbled together mostly by regional satraps to fight the forthcoming elections.
LEADING THE WAY: Artist Alan Vaughan with some of the clay stones he will use to create a new cobbled path for Belmont Green PICTURE: MIKE URWIN www.
The cobbled sections are brutal and treacherous in the dry, but the forecast for the 155.
Froome hurt his wrist and suffered bruises to his left side in a fall on stage four but was cleared to start Wednesday's stage which features several treacherous cobbled sectors.
He said: "The wrist is painful and it's certainly not ideal going into tomorrow's cobbled stage - but I have a great team around me and we'll get through the next few days as best we can.
SIPPING TEA Sometimes I sit on cobbled streets Outside cafes, sipping tea And I pretend for just one moment That I'm not really me And as you pass by and glance my way I could be anyone, I could own anything I could be rich and intelligent A woman of culture, of importance And this sitting and sipping was part of my daily routine of spoilt decadence But if you came a little closer and lingered a while You would see the evidence of this true reality My tea has long grown cold as I sit in this pretend world There is no laughter at this table No smiling, no talking Contemplation perhaps In forced solitude And as you pass me by, I wonder Are you lonely too?
I love cobbled paths but you don't see many left now.
With the full route of the 2014 Tour - which starts in Yorkshire - due to be announced next Wednesday, speculation has been growing after reports emerged of Tour director Christian Prudhomme scouting cobbled roads in the north of France.
IT was interesting to read that Argyle Street in Marsden will be closed for six weeks at a cost of pounds 55,000, so that it can be returned to its original look of bygone days, namely a cobbled street.
I have a feeling that if the defeated Brown had cobbled together a coalition with the Lib Dems, Mr Dixon would have been defending them to the hilt.