cobble up

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cobble (something) up

To assemble or complete something quickly and/or sloppily. The incoherent argument in your paper tells me that you cobbled it up in study hall. Look at that rickety bike—it looks like he just cobbled it up with old junk from his basement.
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cobble something up

 and cobble something together
to make something or put something together hastily or carelessly. Who cobbled this thing up? Take it apart and start over. The kids cobbled up their model planes badly. It looks like you cobbled together that report just last night.
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Lancaster High School, whose team worked through energy-crisis blackouts to cobble together their robot, finished 74th out of 85 schools in its division.
Adding to the complexity has been the stress on organizations to cobble together and maintain separate best-of-breed technologies from a variety of vendors.
It'll no longer be a verb but, rather, a noun that aptly describes how Green turned himself into a dependable fielder and a batter consistent enough to cobble together a 28-game hitting streak this past season.
Rather, after the study showed no statistically significant benefit in treating brain tumors without regard to where they had spread from (which is what it was designed to test), the Company hand-picked the data to cobble together a subgroup consisting of persons showing a positive impact.
Meanwhile, unless the Republican leadership can cobble together a new vision for America that goes beyond the ``Get Bill At Any Cost'' movement, there may not be anything left of the Grand Old Party except some stale nuts.
Any solution that delivers only transformation and communication capabilities leaves the user with having to write custom code, or cobble together many disparate systems, to collect the needed data from multiple systems, applications and databases," commented Jim O'Leary, EXTOL's Vice President of Product Management.
For too long, IT managers have had to cobble together third party, non-integrated software to manage and control their complete UPS and power infrastructure.
You shouldn't have to cobble together a bunch of shareware products or fight your way through a hard-to-learn interface.
DocForm v3 also saves time and reduces work flow complexity -- customers no longer have to struggle to implement multiple packages or cobble together separate modules from other vendors to achieve what DocForm does natively within a single unified application.
The last thing we wanted to do was have to cobble together a bunch of point tools to try to address these challenges.
Enterprises that are beginning to grapple with the complex issues around remote access and authorization for sensitive information can either cobble together solutions from multiple suppliers or look for a complete solution from a single supplier," said Eric Hemmendinger, research director for security and privacy at Aberdeen Group.
Too often companies have to cobble together the work of several marketing agencies to accomplish their objectives.
Customers have shown they no longer want to cobble together software from a myriad of different providers, but is instead looking for the kind of sound architecture and well integrated feature set that iKnowledge and TeleKnowledge can deliver today," he added.