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coax (someone or an animal) in (to something)

1. to urge or persuade someone or an animal to go into something. We coaxed the lion into the cage with fresh meat. The teacher coaxed the child into the kindergarten classroom.
2. to urge or persuade someone or an animal into doing something. We coaxed her into singing for us. Janet coaxed the dog into sitting up and begging.
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coax (someone or an animal) out of something

1. to urge or persuade someone or an animal to give something up. He almost wouldn't sell it, but I coaxed him out of it. I coaxed the cat out of the canary it was holding in its mouth.
2. to urge or persuade someone or an animal to come out of something. She coaxed the puppy out of the carton. Janet coaxed the child out of the closet with a promise of a piece of cake.
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coax someone to do something

to urge someone to do something. The kids coaxed her to let them go swimming. Can I coax you to try some of this pie?
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References in classic literature ?
Might it not be advisable, sir,' said Mr Rugg, more coaxingly yet,
And so, Pa,' said Bella, moving coaxingly to his side instead of remaining opposite, 'you sometimes have a quiet tea here all alone?
Come, don't be a fool, Sam,' said the girl coaxingly, 'the gentleman wants his boots directly.
just to take him to the brink coaxingly and pleasantly,--holding him by the button-hole--joking with him,-- and, with a sudden push, to send him splashing down
EUR[pounds sterling]Come on,EURhe said, coaxingly, EUR[pounds sterling]of course you can do itEUR[yen].
Please come into the living room, we'll talk about it," Paula says coaxingly.