coax in

coax (someone or an animal) in (to something)

1. to urge or persuade someone or an animal to go into something. We coaxed the lion into the cage with fresh meat. The teacher coaxed the child into the kindergarten classroom.
2. to urge or persuade someone or an animal into doing something. We coaxed her into singing for us. Janet coaxed the dog into sitting up and begging.
See also: coax
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The latest offer from Axis allows organizations to keep the coax in large-scale installations without the hassle of re-cabling.
To ensure the minimum 400Mbps required for 1394 are delivered, the standard uses Pulse~LINK's CWave[R] UWB technology, achieving the fastest data rate networking performance available over in-home coax in a manner that co-exists with all coax usage.