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coax (someone or an animal) in (to something)

1. to urge or persuade someone or an animal to go into something. We coaxed the lion into the cage with fresh meat. The teacher coaxed the child into the kindergarten classroom.
2. to urge or persuade someone or an animal into doing something. We coaxed her into singing for us. Janet coaxed the dog into sitting up and begging.
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coax (someone or an animal) out of something

1. to urge or persuade someone or an animal to give something up. He almost wouldn't sell it, but I coaxed him out of it. I coaxed the cat out of the canary it was holding in its mouth.
2. to urge or persuade someone or an animal to come out of something. She coaxed the puppy out of the carton. Janet coaxed the child out of the closet with a promise of a piece of cake.
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coax someone to do something

to urge someone to do something. The kids coaxed her to let them go swimming. Can I coax you to try some of this pie?
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The new waveguide to coax adapters from Pasternack that are designed with 2.
Pulse~LINK's CWave[TM] solution provides up to Gigabit data rates over coax and wireless networks from the same chipset, enabling consumers the unprecedented ability to stream and distribute high quality multimedia content throughout the home.
To complement the solution, an AXIS T8642 Ethernet over Coax Device Unit PoE+ is used on the camera side.
With InCoaxs next generation Coax Link Controller, operators can bring high-speed connections to customers by utilising the existing coaxial cabling inside apartment buildings at a considerably lower cost compared to using fibre all the way and with the ability to guarantee sufficient connection speeds for all subscribers.
AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, has expanded its wire-to-board Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) product offering to include an RG178 coax cable connector.
We are pleased to work with Xingtera to make available a product that lowers cost and time of camera installation on existing coax cable where there is no AC power available.
In conjunction with Xingtera, we offer this capability as a more efficient way to transition from analog to IP cameras reusing existing coax cable.
This presentation provides an overview of the integrated digital home vision, and the driving factors why networking over coax and phone wiring will be an integral part of that vision.
The transition from analog to digital video is occurring worldwide, but removing the old coax cable and replacing it with Ethernet cable with its 100m distance limitation has been problematic," said Koichi Akeyama, President of MegaChips Technology America Corporation.
The 1394 Trade Association earlier this month approved the new standard for networking that allows high-definition and multimedia content to be protected and transported at over 400 Mbps, making it the fastest home entertainment coax network available.
Many factors are currently influencing the vitality of the RF Coax connector global market.
hn standardization effort is expected to make a positive impact in terms of standardizing an existing-wire solution for coax, twisted pair, and powerline.
homes have at least one coax cable outlet (not including those used solely for a roof antenna), while almost 99% have one or more telephone wall jack, and 37% have at least one Ethernet cable outlet, the high-tech market research firm says.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- A handheld tester for CATV, A/V, security systems and other coax cable systems, the CT100 COAXtracker and Coax Mapper (which includes four remotes) is now available through Specialized Products Company (SPC).