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Can a paper containing high-yield pulp have brightness stability equal to that of a wood-free coated paper?
Also, coat weight in the coated grades is being increased to offset the increase in fiber cost or even reduce the cost of the paper while keeping the same final basis weight and without adversely affecting performance.
In some hospitals, however, coated stents aren't always available because supply lags behind demand, Marks says.
Coated free sheet supply is not as tight as coated groundwood.
The selenium in one coated lens is about 1 percent the amount in a typical U.
With the correct formula, the mold could be coated and drained in less than one min without additional operations like brushing or swabbing.
33, allow coated elastomers to approach the dry film lubricity of PTFE (Teflon).
Which types of coated foods are most popular with consumers at present?
Amorphous and precipitated silica and silica gels, prepared by the acidification of a solution of sodium silicate, are commonly used in premium matte coated ink-jet papers.
is testing metal stents coated directly with the anticancer drug paclitaxel.
Prior to blowing a core, the cool sand is conditioned with water and mixed to evenly hydrate each coated particle.
All sides and surfaces of an object being coated are uniformly impinged by the gaseous monomer.
This study compared stents coated with MIVT's polymer-free drug-eluting technologies to the J&J Cypher(TM) stent, one of the world's best selling drug-eluting stents.
There is a high level of interest in curtain coating--even though there are no current commercial installations making pigmented coated paper or paperboard.
To successfully control the coating application process, a foundry must develop a coating control plan that identifies the coating application process, the cores or molds to be coated, the coating type, and the operating range and aim points for the material.