coat with

coat (someone or something) with (something)

To cover someone or something with something, often a substance. Be sure to coat the kids with sunscreen before you let them play outside! You need to coat the wall with primer before you try to paint it.
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coat someone or something with something

to put a layer of something on someone or something. Her manager coated her with grease before she began the Channel swim. The cook coated the chicken with batter and dropped it into the hot fat.
See also: coat
References in classic literature ?
A second witness testified to having seen him wearing "a blue coat with silver buttons, a red waistcoat, black shag breeches, tartan hose, and a feathered hat, with a big coat, dun coloured," a costume referred to by one of the counsel as "French cloathes which were remarkable.
Boden's blue canvas coat with blue quirky circles print, pounds 85, and River Island's pink and black optic print coat, pounds 79.
Classic designs include the fitted coat with a belted nipped-in waist.
Try Warehouse's black belted coat with fake fur collar, pounds 120, Boden's black moleskin coat, pounds 155, Laura Ashley's long black riding coat with three buttons in front, pounds 160, Marks & Spencer's black and white check coat, pounds 85, and John Rocha's black and white diamond print coat, pounds 90 at Debenhams.
And with minor modifications to the in-plant equipment, DuPont says it's possible to spray clear coat with a solids content over 80% As a result, OEMs can avoid spending the approximately $20 million necessary to replace an existing liquid spray line with one that applies powder coatings.
So the ability to extrusion coat with an EnBA copolymer at a final melt temperature of 610 F helps achieve higher adhesion.