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coast along

to roll or move along with little or no effort. We just coasted along on the flat prairie. We coasted along until we came to the bottom of the hill.
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coast is clear

There is no visible danger. I'm going to stay hidden here until the coast is clear. You can come out of your hiding place now. The coast is clear.
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from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans (in the continental U.S.A.); all the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (considered in either direction). My voice was once heard on a coast-to-coast radio broadcast. Our car made the coast-to-coast trip in eighty hours.

the coast is clear

1. there is no danger of being seen We had to wait until the coast was clear to slip out of the building, which was being watched.
2. there is no danger of anything more happening, esp. trouble Now that the killer has been arrested, the coast is clear and people can go out without fear.
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from coast to coast

everywhere or all across a country Winter storms are making life difficult from coast to coast.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of coast to coast (east to west or north to south, one border to another)
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(from) coast to coast

from one side of a country to the other We travelled across America coast to coast.
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the coast is clear

if the coast is clear, you can do something or go somewhere because there is no one near who might see or hear you You can come out now, the coast is clear. I waited outside the house until the coast was clear, then softly tapped on the window.
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coast is clear, the

No observers or authorities are present; one can proceed safely. For example, Let's make sure the coast is clear before we set up this surprise party. This expression may have originated among pirates and smugglers who were referring to the absence of coast guards, or with regard to a coastal military invasion, but no citations bear out these theories. By the late 1500s the term was used purely figuratively.
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left coast

n. the west coast of the U.S. There is some weird stuff going on out on the left coast.
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