coast to coast

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(from) coast to coast

from one side of a country to the other We travelled across America coast to coast.
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It was at this juncture that John Starhurst proclaimed that he would carry the Gospel from coast to coast of the Great Land, and that he would begin by penetrating the mountain fastnesses of the headwaters of the Rewa River.
One single gale such as now befriends us - let such a tempest whirl forward a balloon for four or five days(these gales often last longer) and the voyager will be easily borne, in that period, from coast to coast.
Coast to Coast is one of the largest and most highly respected operators not only in Canada, but also throughout the aviation industry, said newly appointed Vice President and General Manager of PHP Canada, Kieran Hannan.
It is an honor to have been selected as a Primary Supplier to Coast to Coast and to provide comprehensive support services from our Vancouver based Precision Support Team.
He said: "It is my pledge that the Coast to Coast Challenge will immeasurably improve accessibility - be it for wheelchairs, families or those with other mobility issues - and that RSPB nature reserves in northern England will be exemplars of accessibility in the countryside.
Coast to Coast offers unmatched formulations and is the only natural skin care line in the US that draws all of its ingredients directly from the Australian landscape," said Nick Chadwick, co-founder and managing partner of Coast to Coast.
In ``Space Ghost Coast to Coast,'' the self-possessed host routinely neglects his real-life guests (when Goldie Hawn appeared, ``You heard her say one word in the episode: 'Tibet,' '' Willis remembers).
The flexibility of NEC's SpectralWave family enabled the carrier to deliver data over diverse fiber quality from coast to coast.
In the late 1980s, the company elected to expand its distribution business and made several large acquisitions, including the Denver-based Coast to Coast Stores business and Globe Distribution, an automotive after-market distribution business in the Northeast.
Coast To Coast would expand the vehicle service capabilities of Assurant.
In collaboration with a team of formulators, Nick and Nicole created what is now Coast to Coast, a skincare collection that combines indigenous Australian plant knowledge with modern science.
Freedom Interactive owns and operates web sites coast to coast, each offering local, up-to-the-minute breaking news stories, extensive content with a unique perspective, and trusted local news coverage on demand.
5 acres of land adjacent to their facility in March, 2012, Coast to Coast built an 8,000-square-foot center for processing fashion jewelry orders to complete Phase 1.
The brainchild of Alfred Wainwright, the well-known writer and hill-walker, the Coast to Coast Walk crosses three National Parks, featuring undoubtedly some of England's finest scenery.