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Nor despite all the spin, were any decisions taken that will be beneficial to workers at the coalface, either now or in the near future.
The more senior you are in business the further you are from the coalface and the customers and that is why we need communications across the group both up and down.
It will be a further four weeks, minimum, before Locky will be allowed back at the coalface.
His moment on the stage of history past, the class-conscious miner returns to the coalface to await the next call to arms.
If I have children I certainly won't want them hacking away at a coalface for 10 hours a day and dying of mesothelioer ma before their time.
30pm JACK McGRATH vows Ireland will meet fire with fire at the coalface in Rome's Stadio Olimpico.
MH29/C682 at Ukni Sub Area of Wani North Area (2 Repairing of PUMP 25x200, 8 UPH make Pump at Coalface of Ukni Sub Area of Wani North Area
As someone who trained as a colliery electrician at Tower 4 Colliery before joining the Merchant Navy as an electrical officer in 1967, I experienced the problems of earth movement, and water draining to lower levels, as encountered in the North Bute Plough face, with rock and coalface cave-ins created by unstable ground.
The staff at the coalface bear the brunt of our frustration, but credit where credit`s due.
Not when docs at the coalface say health tourism is actually costing us billions.
Years at the journalistic coalface have added the creases and worry lines which I presume you can now see.
The conference, "Walking the Talk: Moving Evidence into Practice", brought together a range of nurses, from academic researchers and nurses at the coalface, to sociologists, anthropologists and ethicists, all walking the talk.
We advocate for nursing and midwifery from the coalface with CN&MO, AMA, and NSWNMA and, as of this year, the Minister.
This is a total of 626, mainly front-line, coalface jobs.
He said: "He is someone who has never been in business, never been on the coalface, never run a business.