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coalesce into (something)

For two or more separate thing to merge or form into one thing. Initially, I wasn't sure if the movie was a drama or comedy, but it coalesced nicely into a dramedy as the plot unfolded.
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coalesce into something

[for two or more things] to blend or fuse and become one thing. The fading colors coalesced into a gray blur. In the distance, the crowd coalesced into a single blob.
See also: coalesce
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Vantage unveiled its Coalesce product at the Private Equity International CFO and COO Forum in New York City this month.
In the standard planet-formation theory, planets arise exclusively when gas and dust coalesce within disks encircling young stars.
Despite these domestic references, Schnitger lacks the political agenda of her predecessors, and, although the artist is adept at fabricating clever objects, her numerous art-historical references don't coalesce into a focused whole.
In this season's featured work, however, artistry and expert coaching coalesce in a truly impassioned rendering of Josb Limon's The Winged.
LONDON -- Yankee Group reports that critical shifts are about to occur in the enterprise telephony landscape in the coming 18 to 24 months as a number of supply and demand trends coalesce to bring about integration of fixed PBX and mobile telephony systems in the enterprise.
The alternation of blurred and perfectly focused areas evokes spaces that are unapproachable; in the viewer's imagination they coalesce into land-, sea-, or cityscapes.
They coalesce into lovely patterns that leave one odd, lonely figure, and then the patterns disintegrate.
AS the gas began to coalesce, new stars burned off the hydrogen fog.
These vignettes, however, no more cohere into a sensible tale than the choked syllables coalesce into a discernible language.
The Felt Hat team will supervise design communication, gather community input, coalesce ideas from architects, artists and civic leaders, and ultimately make certain the new Armory reflects the essence of Portland in a visceral way.
As companies move toward Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs), a broad range of individual IT markets will coalesce into a single market for "SOA implementation frameworks" that provide all the capabilities companies need to build, run, manage, and secure SOAs, concludes a report authored by ZapThink, LLC, an analyst firm focused on XML, Web Services, and Service-Oriented Architectures.
Such disks are the stuff from which planets coalesce.
Though striking and technically accomplished, Odd Nerdrum's recent paintings seem at first like so much virtuosic pastiche, as if, after eating a particularly rich meal late at night, one saw all the great paintings on the second floor of the Metropolitan coalesce into one enormous work of nightmarish intensity, in which all the illnesses and shortcomings of man loomed up out of varnished brown sauce.