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coordinate with (someone or something)

1. To arrange something with someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coordinate" and "with." If you want to meet, coordinate it with my assistant—he knows my schedule better than I do.
2. To be in harmony with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coordinate" and "with." The pattern of your tie doesn't coordinate with your shirt at all—go change!
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coordinate something with something

1. to make something harmonize with something else. I want to coordinate my hat with my shoes. Is this tie coordinated with my jacket?
2. to synchronize something with something else. Let us coordinate our actions in this matter. I think we should coordinate our departure times with that of Fred.
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Three citizens from each governorate will also be members of each co-ordinating council.
Pervez Akhtar, who is co-ordinating plans for the centre, said the it would be open to the whole community.
Mr Sims said the initial focus has been drugs, but would also include planning and co-ordinating operations against other major criminals.
Any owner will also be able to challenge the energy conservation and ask a national co-ordinating body to carry out an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in their building.
Sophie Mackrell, who is is responsible for co-ordinating the Saturday sessions at the college, said: "Saturday College offers a relaxed and friendly environment for all the family to come and learn a new skill, or to take part in one of our many workshops.
Midland biologists are co-ordinating a European research programme to literally discover where there is muck there's brass.
ICANN was formed as a non-profit corporation under sponsorship of the United States Department of Commerce to assume responsibility for co-ordinating the management of the domain name system, the allocation of IP address pace, the assignment of protocol parameters and the management of the root server system.
The Control Room receives and manages around 300 emergency 999 calls a day and is responsible for call taking, dispatch and co-ordinating function in North Wales.
The blankets, which were provided by the ILA as part of their community service activities, were distributed after the CCIA community services wing was charged with co-ordinating relief and rehabilitation efforts.
We are working with Travel West Midlands on developing crime reduction strategies, co-ordinating intelligence gathering and profiling offenders.
The Global 2000 Co-ordinating Group, one of the world's leading Y2K Watchdog Groups, has given Singapore an "all-green rating" across a series of six key components rating a nation's Y2K readiness.
A central co-ordinating function will act as an administrative hub accepting referrals, arranging appointments and co-ordinating patients~ pathways.
MANAMA: The co-ordinating committee of The Investment Dar (TID), set up to restructure the financial institution, now includes Jordan International Bank, ABC Islamic Bank, Lloyds TSB, Al Rajhi Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and the Kuwait branch of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait.
Cllr George Duggins, chairman of the education and cultural affairs policy co-ordinating committee, said: "I am thrilled that Leisure Services co-ordinates this superb programme which parents and children look out for every year.
Further, co-ordinating a logical broadcast schedule of races is more easily done by a consolidated race industry.