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cluster around someone or something

[for a group of people or things] to bunch together, surrounding someone or something. The birds clustered around the chimney top to keep warm. The kids clustered around the police officer.
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cluster someone or something around someone or something

to bunch people or things together around someone or something. She clustered the cups around the punch bowl. Karen clustered the children around the fire.
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cluster together

to bunch or group together. All of the bats clustered together on the roof of the cave. The children clustered together in small groups here and there on the playground.
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cluster fuck

1. n. an act of group rape. (Also Charlie Foxtrot from the initials CF. Usually objectionable.) Look at her! She’s just asking for a cluster fuck.
2. n. any event as riotous as an act of group rape. (Figurative on sense 1 The same allusion as sense 1) This goddamn day has been one long cluster fuck!
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Newly introduced storage clustering technology addresses these challenges by distributing the "master" or management functionality across multiple storage servers.
In a proof-of-concept experiment, the researchers applied KL clustering to genetic data from the Onto-Express database of the Wayne State University Intelligent Systems and Bioinformatics Laboratory.
Ari Zilka, CTO of Terracotta said, "Our customers, partners and developers repeatedly requested that Terracotta open source its clustering products.
Virtualization without clustering may be accurately described as a redundant technique rather than a clustering technique.
This design enables controllers placed in multiple, fiber-distance locations to continue to process storage requests even if all but one controller fails--thanks to active-active N-way clustering.
To support the scalability, performance and availability demanded by bet-the-business, multi-node, enterprise Java applications, developers and operators are looking for solutions seamlessly combining high performance clustering, grid architectures and caching services while requesting minimal intrusion and re-architecting of the application code.
There are many technical and commercial applications that are benefiting from the "scale out" Linux clustering wave.
SilverStorm Technologies, the leader in high performance interconnect solutions for clustered computing and a Certified Partner in the Oracle(R) PartnerNetwork, announced today that it is working in tandem with Oracle on trials with select customers of Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) InfiniBand interconnect solution for Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle's database clustering solution used by over 7,000 customers to provide high availability and scalability in the database tier.
N-Way clustering: With N-Way storage clustering, multiple storage processors (controller nodes) can be deployed across fiber networks, and controllers can be added as needed to provide greater resiliency and performance.
We are excited by the arrival of Continuent p/cluster, the first reliable and most effective high availability clustering solution for PostgreSQL.
One common solution for achieving this balance in supporting large scale, high-volume enterprise systems is to implement various clustering configurations that manage applications, hardware and databases effectively.
As a pioneer in clustering applications, Myricom has worked with Microsoft on HPC deployments for nearly a decade, maintaining extensive support for clusters running Windows operating systems.
Clustering is the use of multiple computers and redundant interconnections to form what appears to be a single, highly available system.
Launched at the SC/05 Supercomputing Conference, the HP Scalable Visualization Array (SVA) uses industry-standard components and leverages advances in clustering, graphics and networking technology to allow scientists and engineers to visualize and analyze complex sets of data.
The suite works at the server level in clustering groups.
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