cluster around (someone or something)

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cluster around (someone or something)

1. To gather around someone or something. The kids clustered around the clown to watch him make balloon animals.
2. To position someone or something around someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "cluster" and "around." Mom clustered the kids around the clown so that they could all see him make balloon animals. Now we need to cluster the purple flowers around the white ones.
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cluster someone or something around someone or something

to bunch people or things together around someone or something. She clustered the cups around the punch bowl. Karen clustered the children around the fire.
See also: around, cluster

cluster around someone or something

[for a group of people or things] to bunch together, surrounding someone or something. The birds clustered around the chimney top to keep warm. The kids clustered around the police officer.
See also: around, cluster
References in classic literature ?
The lion's head looked down with a grimly good-natured aspect as the children clustered around the old gentleman's knees.
So, while the Professor picked the little girls -- who were more frightened than hurt -- off the ground, and the pupils clustered around him closely grouped, I calmly walked out of the school-house, turned a corner, and escaped unnoticed to a grove of trees that stood near"
The little stretch of level land was white with Indian tepees, and there were probably half a thousand red warriors clustered around some object near the center of the camp.
As they clustered around, almost fighting for the chance to kiss my hand, I saw again the vision of empire which I had thought faded forever.
While this talk went on, Daylight was saying good-by to those that clustered around him.
Ishmael looked round upon the motionless and heavily loaded vehicles with his teeth firmly compressed, cast a glance at the amazed and helpless group of children, which clustered around their sullen but desponding mother, and walked out upon the open land, as if he found the air of the encampment too confined.
A trailing bamboo in the Malay Archipelago climbs the loftiest trees by the aid of exquisitely constructed hooks clustered around the ends of the branches, and this contrivance, no doubt, is of the highest service to the plant; but as we see nearly similar hooks on many trees which are not climbers, the hooks on the bamboo may have arisen from unknown laws of growth, and have been subsequently taken advantage of by the plant undergoing further modification and becoming a climber.
The thicket into which Reuben had fired was near the summit of a swell of land, and was clustered around the base of a rock, which, in the shape and smoothness of one of its surfaces, was not unlike a gigantic gravestone.
EUR-USD reportedly has sell stop orders clustered around 1.
The perfume came from the tiny pale flowers clustered around the stems of a lowly evergreen, sarcococca humilis "Christmas Box".
Krowji s 1907 grammar school buildings already provide workshops and studios, clustered around the Melting Pot Cafe, for around 100 people working in the arts and creative industries.
The cockpit features a racing-inspired atmosphere, with all controls either on the steering wheel or clustered around the driver, and puts the gearbox commands at an ideal angle to the driver.
Emr Properties and Dubai Holding Sunday jointly announced plans to build a new gated community clustered around an 18-hole golf course, with the project to be constructed as part of the emirate's recently announced Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBR) City.
A group of around 20 fans had clustered around the entrance to the club's Melwood training ground yesterday desperately seeking autographs.
The properties will be clustered around a village green, creating a safe and friendly gated community environment.