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cluster around (someone or something)

1. To gather around someone or something. The kids clustered around the clown to watch him make balloon animals.
2. To position someone or something around someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "cluster" and "around." Mom clustered the kids around the clown so that they could all see him make balloon animals. Now we need to cluster the purple flowers around the white ones.
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cluster together

To gather or bunch together. The kids clustered together to watch the clown make balloon animals. Why are all of our nicest Christmas ornaments clustered together on one side of the tree?
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cluster around someone or something

[for a group of people or things] to bunch together, surrounding someone or something. The birds clustered around the chimney top to keep warm. The kids clustered around the police officer.
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cluster someone or something around someone or something

to bunch people or things together around someone or something. She clustered the cups around the punch bowl. Karen clustered the children around the fire.
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cluster together

to bunch or group together. All of the bats clustered together on the roof of the cave. The children clustered together in small groups here and there on the playground.
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cluster fuck

1. n. an act of group rape. (Also Charlie Foxtrot from the initials CF. Usually objectionable.) Look at her! She’s just asking for a cluster fuck.
2. n. any event as riotous as an act of group rape. (Figurative on sense 1 The same allusion as sense 1) This goddamn day has been one long cluster fuck!
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With a core network already consisting of Extreme Networks BlackDiamond[R] switches, the BCEB decided to deploy additional BlackDiamonds in the cluster network to ensure consistency and simplify network management, area network (SAN) and also acts as an entry point for building aggregation.
For example, if one controller failed in a system that had four controllers in a single cluster the other three would continue on as if nothing happened.
Oracle recommends that Oracle Database 10g be deployed with ASM and a cluster file system (CFS).
The $2-million first phase, or $200,000 per cluster, allows biotech partners to determine strengths and weaknesses and help determine where the consortium should develop biotech clusters.
By achieving a contract award through TI-04, Linux Networx has proven cluster technology is reliable, robust and mature enough to be selected in even in the most demanding environment," said Thomas Kendall, lead systems engineer at the ARL MSRC.
The rushing galaxy is subject to enormous pressure from the vast cloud of gas that envelops the cluster.
For example, one cluster held genes related to call-cell communication, whereas another cluster controlled cellular development.
The field aligns the cluster moments (the sample effectively becomes one macroscopic cluster), and the remaining SANS is d ue to physical grain structure only.
Supporting up to four MIServer nodes, Valence Cluster also provides superior scalability to data centers running very large databases or supporting very large user communities.
The next cluster to hit the headlines was in Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan, Canada, where a patient with multiple sclerosis, whose sister also had the disease and later died, insisted she had found a strikingly high prevalence of MS in and around the small community of Henribourg, 50 miles north of Saskatoon.
Ward's method combines clusters that will yield the least increase in the error sum of squares (the sum of the distance from each individual profile to the centroid of its parent cluster) and minimizes within cluster variance in effecting cluster mergers (Wishart, 1978).
We are particularly excited to support Dell turn-key solutions featuring the popular Platform OCS cluster management toolkit.
This legacy storage clustering technology requires a master controller or "head" to coordinate tasks among the nodes in the cluster.
The shared-everything architecture of the Eclipse Database Cluster is highly fault resistant.
For instance, a massive cluster of galaxies in the foreground will distort the image of a background galaxy by bending and brightening the light from that object.