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clunk down

[for something] to drop or fall, making the sound "clunk." A large piece of metal clunked down right in front of me. A tree branch clunked down on the roof and damaged a few shingles.
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clunk something down

to drop or place something heavily on something so that it makes a clunking noise. He clunked the big box down on the table. He clunked down all his school books on the table.
See also: clunk, down


1. tv. to strike someone or something. The branch clunked the roof as it fell.
2. n. a hit; the sound of a hit. I heard a clunk on the roof. Must be reindeer.
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Is there another clunking fist in New Labour ready and willing to take up the fight?
As long as you didn't mind the clunking between tracks (songs sometimes faded out in the middle so the head could move to the next track and then faded back in again), the system was fine.
IN TWO dramatic weeks Gordon Brown has gone from the clunking fist to a busted flush.
And however much you may dance around the ring, at some point you'll come within the reach of a big clunking fist.
Kovat's horrified owners Myra and Tony Savage discovered the mangled pet after they heard a clunking noise in the machine.
Too, Danny Farmer has been clunking along on one bad tire.
The only real drawback is some clunking symbolism, particularly one bit where the girl sits watching a cute deer in a graveyard.
The Boy David, he thought was just a lightweight popinjay who could be swept away by his great clunking fist.
Mr Brown - described by his predecessor as a "great clunking fist" - has flattened the Tory leader on the key issues.
If she is welcomed back, however reluctantly, will Clare toe the line or risk the clunking fist of the new PM?
Clunking dialogue, cardboard characters and contrived situations conspire to make remarkably unsexy soft porn.
Business must fill the skills gap by training its workers and if it does not, it must face the Chancellor's great clunking fist.
When I change through my low gears, I hear a clunking noise from the bottom of the car.
I'VE been ruminating on Tony Blair's promise that Gordon Brown would be a "great clunking fist" which would KO flashy loungelizard David Cameron.
Second, what leads the Chancellor ( who has made such a great clunking fist of our pension provision ( to think the Government can succeed through regulation in the workplace when it failed through regulation in schools.