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clunk down

[for something] to drop or fall, making the sound "clunk." A large piece of metal clunked down right in front of me. A tree branch clunked down on the roof and damaged a few shingles.
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clunk something down

to drop or place something heavily on something so that it makes a clunking noise. He clunked the big box down on the table. He clunked down all his school books on the table.
See also: clunk, down


1. tv. to strike someone or something. The branch clunked the roof as it fell.
2. n. a hit; the sound of a hit. I heard a clunk on the roof. Must be reindeer.
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Clunk Click managing director Paul Roberts said: "Get Safe Online was set up to advise British internet users on internet security.
Now, though, a new generation is about to become accustomed to the Clunk Click Every Trip saying.
The secure online service is growing rapidly, with Clunk Click's software automatically backing up business data to mirrored offsite data centres each day.
Since moving back to Wales Clunk Click has become the fastest growing on line back-up provider in the UK.
Mr Roberts said: ``In the early days of Clunk Click,Milton Keynes was the logical choice of location for the head office due to its proximity to the business community in London and the South East.
The 35-year-old admitted: "I was preparing myself for the big clunk and for the wheels to come off, but I managed to get it back in a straight line.
They say if there's no clunk click they'll strip the limo firms of their licences to operate.
A source said: "It landed with a big clunk on Eva and she was knocked to the ground and blacked out for a few moments.
Starr, who now faces a costs bill unofficially estimated at about PS1 million, said that he did not at first remember appearing on Clunk Click in March 1974, until footage showed him in the studio, with the teenager in the audience behind him.
Karin said the attack, in which he grabbed her bottom and called her a "t*tless wonder" happaned in pervert DJ Jimmy Savile's dressing room after she was in the audience on his Clunk Click TV show.
So it sort of encapsulated the whole campaign last week when, after four injury-clogged days at Trent Bridge, Mostert was just arriving back from Nottingham and motoring through the outskirts of Birmingham when there was a great big clunk.
Karin Ward alleged that he had molested her during the filming of the Jimmy Savile BBC show Clunk Click in the 1970s.
When we are reading and we can read the words and understand what we are reading we click, click, click along but when we come to a word we don't know or understand the meaning of we clunk and stop.
THEATRE Clunk, Rose Theatre, Ormskirk, 01695 584480; Blood Brothers, Liverpool Empire, until April 24, 0844 847 2525.