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cling to (someone or something)

1. Literally, to hold on to someone or something tightly. The little girl clung to her dad's legs and cried as he tried to leave for work. I clung to the side of the rock and prayed that a search party would find me.
2. By extension, to remain devoted to or entrenched in something, often a belief or opinion. In this ever-changing world, you can't just stubbornly cling to your old beliefs.
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cling together

1. Of two or more things, to adhere to one another. The pages in this book are so thin that they usually cling together.
2. Of two or more people, to hold each other tightly. The wind was so strong that we had to cling together just to cross the parking lot!
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cling together

[for two or more people or animals] to hold on tightly to each other. The two children clung together throughout the ordeal. The baby baboon and its mother clung together and could not be separated.
See also: cling, together
References in classic literature ?
He felt a soft, warm pad upon the fingers of one of his hands where they circled the branch to which he clung, and then something reached down out of the blackness above and dragged him up among the branches of the tree.
There being no way to arrest the progress of the raft they clung fast to the logs and let the river sweep them on.
Tarzan still clung to the fuselage directly behind the pilot's seat.
He was carried within reach of the cordage where the warrior still clung, though with rapidly diminishing strength.
Momentarily stunned, Gahan's fingers slipped from their hold upon the cordage and the man shot downward through the thin air of dying Mars toward the ground three thousand feet beneath, while upon the deck of the rolling Vanator his faithful warriors clung to their lashings all unconscious of the fate of their beloved leader; nor was it until more than an hour later, after the storm had materially subsided, that they realized he was lost, or knew the self-sacrificing heroism of the act that had sealed his doom.
His feet clung to the earth with the same tenacity that he clung to life.
But through it all I clung to the one idea--I MUST GET THE JIB BACKED OVER TO WINDWARD.
The nurse was not wet on the lower part of her dress, but Kitty was drenched through, and her soaked clothes clung to her.
Saxon clung to Billy, who slowly and methodically elbowed and shouldered a way for her.
Bert yelped with joy, while Mary clung to him, mad with fear.
Vainly Mary clung to his arm, shaking him back and forth and remonstrating.
The 10-year-old girl plunged into a freezing lake as the surface broke and screamed for dear life as she clung on to a jagged edge.
Student Rachel Turner may have clung to the ledge before her fatal fall
A DELIVERY driver clung to his vehicle as a thief tried to drive off with it in Warwickshire.
Cumbria Police today said that he clung precariously to the rocks for more than two hours while rescue teams battled to save him on Wednesday.