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class clown

A mischievous or impudent student who frequently disrupts the class with jokes, pranks, or wry comments as a means of drawing attention to him- or herself. Every teacher has to deal with class clowns eventually.
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clown around (with someone)

Fig. to join with someone in acting silly; [for two or more people] to act silly together. The boys were clowning around with each other. The kids are having fun clowning around.
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n. a fool. Tell that clown in the front row to shut up.

clown around

in. to act silly; to mess around. We were just clowning around. We didn’t mean to break anything.
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And even though his new concert film is reportedly a laugh riot, the groundbreaking director worries that clownishness may be a price of mainstream popularity.
As their major-label career advanced, the structural tension inherent in their conflicted outlook grew more pronounced--the clownishness, the fascination with failure, the strategic self-loathing so fundamental to their idea of themselves clashing ever more powerfully with the reality that they were, in fact, artists possessed of substantial musical gifts.
Jackson, as before, is the perfect spokesman for Tarantino's lunatic lyrical dialogue, and can turn from self-mocking clownishness to withering menace on a dime.